booth show displays

Best Booth Show Displays to Ensure COVID Compliance

In this new era of COVID-19 and trying to resume normal business, certain adjustments will need to be made to ensure that compliance with government rules is followed at all times. In terms of trade shows, this will involve thinking about how you design and set up...
trade show planning

7 Trade Show Planning Tips for a Post-Pandemic World

The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on many industries. But perhaps none has been hurt more than the live events industry. Among live events, the question of hosting trade shows in the post-pandemic world has arisen. If you have been in charge of trade show...
trade show signage

How to Have Great Trade Show Signage Made for Your Exhibit Booth

People go to trade shows for three reasons: discovery, networking, and education. They want to find products, meet people, and learn more about the things they care about. It can be difficult for people, especially those that are just starting out, to get their...
Booth ideas for events

7 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Next Home Show Booth Event

On average, global trade show venue space has grown an average of 1.2 percent each year since 2011. More space can mean more competition vying for the attention of attendees. If you want to captivate them, you need some new booth ideas for events. Sometimes, small...
trade show booth design

What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2020 Trade Show Booth Design

Trade shows are a powerful marketing tool. Research shows 67% of all exhibition attendees are potential customers, making trade shows a great place to connect with them and increase brand awareness. And another great way to attract customers is by getting creative...
How to Use Trade Show Apps for Better Lead Capture

How to Use Trade Show Apps for Better Lead Capture

Did you perform dismally during the last trade show? Do you always find yourself struggling to secure leads? Then perhaps you need to consider using trade show apps. Experts note that digitized lead capture methods are one of the best trade show investments you can...

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10 Attention Grabbing Expo Booth Ideas

10 Attention Grabbing Expo Booth Ideas

As a small business, if you were presented with the opportunity to take your goods on the road would you be prepared? With so many businesses shuddering their doors and moving to digital platforms, it's good to get out and interact with consumers in person. This is...

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