A recent study involving more than 7,000 consumers demonstrated that simplicity was one of the main marketing qualities that influenced consumers. It was one of the top factors that made them more likely to purchase, repurchase, or recommend a product to others.

Product presentations are a vital part of business. Doing it well takes a great deal of planning. You want to showcase the features and functions of a product, emphasizing its benefits, while making it relatable and easily understandable for the prospective client.

This article covers how to put together an example product presentation that is fun, engaging, and informative. The model below will ensure you optimize visitor experience by drawing them in, answering their questions, and ultimately determining how your product can fill their business or personal needs. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are the Main Parts of an Example Product Presentation?

While there are no hard-and-fast rules that say how you should structure a product presentation, there are some things that work. Here are some basic elements that every product presentation should have.


You need to begin with some kind of introduction. This is information that draws the listener in and piques their interest.

Consider starting with an interesting statistic, such as one related to a common problem consumers face. A relatable story is another way to engage audiences, as is a question that gets them thinking.

Part of the goal of the introduction is to summarize the goals you plan to achieve. It lets audience members know what to expect from the presentation and the outcomes you seek.


Next, you should provide some basic information about your company. You might speak about the development timeline or recognitions and awards the product or your company has received. This helps establish credibility and can go a long way to building trust with audience members.

Explain the Need

The next step is to clearly explain the problem. It can be compelling to provide statistics, but be sure the information is relevant and relatable. You want the audience to clearly understand the issue and how it affects them.

Explain the Solution

Next, talk about how your product addresses the problem. How to go about this depends on your unique product and the audience.

If your product fills a need common in the industry in which audience members work, emphasize that. If it is something new and innovative that makes some aspect of their lives or work more efficient, highlight data that demonstrates it.

An important component of this is explaining how your product solves the problem or improves business operations better than other products. Point out distinctive qualities that make your product special and suitable for a particular job. Having product samples there is a great way to demonstrate its functions.

Back-Up Your Claims

You also want to back up what you are claiming with evidence. This might entail presentation examples of how your product achieved success in similar industries or businesses. You could cite statistics about outcomes related to the use of your product.


The final portion of your example product presentation should include prompting the audience members to act on the info. This may be something as simple as giving them a website or contact information, or explaining how they can purchase the product. Be clear about the steps they need to take.

How Your Exhibit Can Support Your Product Presentation

We have established that boring or overly complex presentations will drive prospective customers away. You want to be engaging yet clear and concise in order to achieve the best visitor experience.

An exhibit can help you achieve this. Here are a few of the main ways it can do so.

Support to Demonstration

The best way to showcase a product is to demonstrate how it works. This is especially important if your industry is new or niche. Likewise, demonstrations can be helpful. They can show how products perform complex functions or ones that are difficult to describe using only industry jargon.

Exhibits can contain visuals or resources that support this. This can include images, graphics, and videos.

Tell a Story

Good trade show displays can also help tell your story. For instance, if you plan to highlight the history or evolution of your company’s development of the product, your display might include a timeline of significant breakthroughs. An exhibit can list and help visualize achievements.

It can also contain images or graphics that further explain the functions of the product. This can go a long way toward drawing audience members in and better explaining complex concepts or product operations.

Know Your Audience

One thing to consider when putting together an exhibit for a product presentation is to know the type of audience you will be addressing. Your presentation should be different if you are presenting to, for instance, executives versus technicians or staff.

This can make a difference in the information you give and the type of exhibit you put together. It can help you hone the presentation based on what is most compelling to the particular audience.

Explore Exhibit Options

Finally, know that booth options are out there. Reputable companies that make these will help you determine what is best for your presentation goals.

The good news is that there are many different types of exhibits to choose from and at various price points. You can be sure to find one that achieves the visual presentation you are looking for, but that is within your budget.

Learn More About Product Presentations and Exhibits

Now that you have some ideas for putting together an example product presentation, you can move forward. Using the advice and tools described above, you can put together an enticing and compelling presentation that informs audience members and engages potential clients.

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