So much business and networking happens at trade shows each year. It’s why so many companies spend lots of money on their trade show attendance.

The trade show planning industry recently increased by nearly 25%, which is an indication of how serious companies take it.

While you’re putting together your trade show budget for the year, make sure that you put plenty of thought, attention, and money into your table and portable booth.

If you need help with your trade show table display, let the tips below get you started.

1. Design an Amazing Trade Show Banner

The trade show table is where brochures, merchandise, and prototypes are housed. However, the banner is the tool that brings people to the table.

As you plan out your affordable trade show display, put some serious thought into your trade show signs. Figure out a font that is attention-grabbing, and know exactly what you want to say.

Consider using calls to action, make sure that it’s easy to read, and choose a banner that is the perfect size when contrasted with the rest of your booth.

2. Have Your Branding in Order

As you’re exploring trade show booth ideas, make sure that you also have your branding up to par. Branding is an essential piece of the puzzle to make sure you grab and keep people’s attention.

Include your logo prominently on your banner and table, use consistent brand colors, and include QR codes and other elements that will make it easy for people to connect with you. This way, you’ll come away with plenty of followers and people that understand and recognize your brand.

3. Keep it Clutter-Free

Creating an exhibition display is exciting, so you might be tempted to include every idea. Try your best to avoid this, because clutter is more likely to confuse and deter people.

Keep it simple and make sure that all of the must-know information is included. Allow for enough spacing between letters and graphics, and keep each element in proportion.

When clutter is minimal, people can take a quick glimpse at your booth as they pass by and will understand the main points of what they should know.

4. Make it Unique

The last thing you need is for your display to look like everyone else’s. Going with stock display materials and ideas will make people more likely to overlook your booth.

Worse, they might even confuse it with another company’s. Go out of your way to make sure that your display is 1:1 and inspired by your brand. The sky is the limit to how you choose to use your rented space. Spend 6 months to a year planning it out so that your idea is fresh and well-executed.

5. Use Quality Lighting

When in doubt, let there be light. Adding light-emitting diode (LED) lighting to your trade show display lets you illuminate your booth so that it catches people’s attention and stands out from the pack.

You can also use lighting to showcase different elements of your booth, while also adding visibility. One of the best things about LED lights is that they can also be programmed to change colors and intensity.

Figure out the best way to use your LED lights so that it brings your entire theme together.

6. Choose Excellent Materials

Aesthetics are one thing, but make sure to never skimp on quality. Choose materials that are well-made so that your spectators can tell.

Choosing quality materials will make your fixtures hold up and stand out more, and people will feel the quality when they touch them. This shows attention to detail and that only the best will do when regarding your brand.

7. Pick an Attractive Color Scheme

You must also put some time and effort into choosing a color scheme. The colors that you choose will attract the right crowd, set the tone, and create a mood.

Study up on color psychology to learn how these choices affect people’s minds and emotions. This way, you can select the best combination for getting your point across.

8. Study Others for Ideas

Never be afraid to study what competitors are doing. This helps you learn what works and what doesn’t, and you can get influences that let you put your own remix on things.

Consider booking a flight and attending some trade shows as a spectator so that you can also see these booths in person. Reach out to companies that design trade show displays as well to see what ideas they can help you come up with.

Look through a company’s trade show display portfolio to see how they have worked magic for others, and schedule a consultation to see how they can help you as well.

9. Get the Most From Your Space

When you book a piece of real estate at a trade show, make sure you’re maximizing every inch of space. This includes things like presentation areas, walkways, seating areas, and more.

Knowing how to get the most from this space will make people want to spend more time at your booth so you can generate more business.

10. Make Your Mission Clear

Finally, make sure that your mission is abundantly clear when you design your display. You can express this with a mission statement, hashtag, or a strong call to action.

This sets the table so that your presenters and informational giveaways add more context and information. Displaying what you are all about also breaks the ice and piques people’s curiosity to make them want to stop by your area.

People should know exactly what you’re about as soon as they see your display, and should have an even clearer idea when they walk away.

Create an Amazing Trade Show Table Display

These tips will help you out when you’re interested in creating an impeccable trade show booth that will help you out at your next event.

Infinity Exhibits is the trade show displays company that you can trust to create amazing and cohesive trade show displays. If you’re ready to get started, shoot us a message or call us at 888-884-4064.

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