With almost half of trade show attendees only going to one every year, it is important to ensure that the one they do go to leads to you. You want to ensure you generate leads on the show floor to keep your business growing and make sure your competitors do not get there first. Though, how do you do this in a way that creates convertible leads and does not put people off?

Below, we go over several of the best ways you can design your trade show booth to make it especially inviting. As you read each one, think about what you can do to improve your current offering even further.

Why Trade Show Booth Design Is Imperative

Your lead generation strategy at a trade show should communicate every aspect of your brand when on the show floor. This can mean everything from how your people dress, to the language they use, even down to where people move when inside your booth.

As your booth allows you to interact directly with customers, you can make sure you build the UX of your booth with lead generation in mind. It can help you make a great first impression through both the booth itself as well as the people in it. It does this by communicating your brand message, as well as allowing you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

With each of these benefits, you are more likely to convert any potential leads into real customers. Your booth captures their attention and offers a firm investment opportunity for them moving forward.

Ensure You Design For Your Target Audience

By the time you think about trade shows, you should have a very good idea of your target niche. You can thus try to tailor your trade show design towards what appeals to these people. It acts as a microcosm of your marketing in general, though you can bring in people in a more direct way than usual.

As you put together the booth, consider what each customer persona you have would like to see. Think about their aims if they go to such a trade show and what they would want to get out of interacting with you at a booth. There is also a chance one type of customer is more interested in going to a trade show, and as such keep them at the forefront of your mind during this process.

Create an Eye-Catching Booth

Your booth is going to be the largest thing you put on the show floor. As such, every lead you could generate is going to get their first impression of you from the area itself.

Think about how to incorporate promotional materials into the booth, making the whole booth into a large and inviting display. If you use your current marketing messages, you can even draw people in who have not had an opportunity to follow up on it yet.

Also, make sure you use the lighting of the show floor to your advantage. Work out how best to light up your booth so that it “pops” and people’s eyes move towards it when looking out over the floor. There are vast options for affordable trade show displays.

Use Interactive Booth Elements

By making your display an interactive experience, you can create not only a piece of marketing but a unique memory in your potential trade show leads. An experience they talk about in the evening after the trade show could then lead to more leads appearing the next day. Depending on the type of trade show you are using, these could include:

Product Demonstrations and Live Workshops

At a table or on a stage, you can show off what you have made. This allows people to see it in action, and if you can put the object into customers’ hands to demonstrate it even better.

Social Media Engagement

Use QR codes, hashtags, and other engaging social media interactions to allow people to share your presence with others. This might then push more people to seek you out.

Free Giveaways

Giveaways encourage people to return to your booth at a later time when the results are announced. You can also offer merchandise such as t-shirts at this time to help people promote you the next day at the show.

Use Technology to Enhance Your Booth

A fast way to get high-quality leads without a person talking to each visitor is to allow those at the booth to give you their information in their own time.

If you use a kiosk touchscreen, you can introduce people to your product when you do not have enough staff. Then, before they leave, you can even get the device to take the visitor’s details for you. This is good for both busy periods as well as when visitors might be too withdrawn for a lengthy discussion with a staff representative.

Ensure Your Booth Has Good Flow

As people enter your booth’s space, they need to know where to go. Whether this is towards demonstrations, to a member of staff, or to other marketing material the flow of your space is important.

Make sure to use height, space, graphics, and display to encourage visitors to go where they can get the information they need. Then, when they are done, do not push them to continue moving around, allow them to withdraw without difficulty.

Think of each part of your trade show booth as a funnel you need to design, from the moment they first see it. The frontage brings awareness, the branding brings interest, then as people approach they learn more and it builds desire. The final action you want is for them to engage with your staff and become a new lead.

Generate Leads At the Next Trade Show

This article should help you improve your efforts to generate leads in the future. Still, this might be a lot for any one company, especially one new to the trade show arena. If this is the case, we are happy to offer a helping hand.

By talking to us, you can get a realistic idea of how much work will go into designing a high-quality booth. You can then ensure those who visit come away willing to talk when you reach out. So, get in contact today to let us help you draw in the best-quality customers in the future.

Gene Friedman
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