Trade shows are a great way to increase your brand awareness and revenue. To get the best return on your investment it’s important to get a lot of traffic to your vendor exhibit. Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition for the attention of attendees.

All vendors at a trade show want their trade show exhibits to get the most interest. So they do their best to set up attention-grabbing booths to draw in crowds. To beat the competition, you must come up with creative ideas to attract crowds to your booth.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to turn your trade show exhibits into show-stopping attention grabbers.

1. Create a Cohesive Brand Experience

The one thing that will make your trade show exhibit start conversations is how unique it was. Your company has a distinct brand and flavor that your competitors can’t copy. Capitalize on this by saturating your booth with your brand identity.

Consider painting the booth with your brand colors. Also, ask booth staff to wear branded uniforms that identify them as your employees. The atmosphere at your booth should also convey your brand attitude.

Is your brand fun or serious? Lively or reserved? Are you sophisticated or basic? Your booth atmosphere should accurately convey your brand personality.

A luxurious home goods store, for instance, can recreate its booth into a lavish home with opulent furnishings. This type of display will surely attract the attention of its target audience. Ensure that the staff you choose to man your booth also matches your brand.

Hire outgoing and fun personalities if your brand is young and hip. However, if you are a reserved brand then modest and poised employees would be better.

2. Give Away Branded Swag

Another way to grab everyone’s attention at a trade show is to give away the most sought-after item at the event. An inexpensive item that always draws crowds is a large and sturdy branded shopping bag. Attendees will have a lot of giveaways to take home and it all often ends up in the largest bag they have.

Give away the largest bag and your competitors’ items might even end up in your branded bag. This will give you a lot of visibility at the event with people asking others where they got your bag. Brand all your gifts so that your visitors remember you whenever they see the giveaway item. Even if it is months after the event.

Other than giveaways you can also provide coveted services at your booth to attract visitors. For instance, you can have a free phone charging station that will draw in those with drained batteries. You can also giveaway water, sweets, and snacks to draw in hungry and thirsty attendees.

3. Highlight Your Branding Elements

Vendors mistakenly think that display booths that are attention grabbers should have flashy and colorful exhibits. But a visitor isn’t going to stop by your booth because of its wordy signage or busy design. In fact, plain, minimalist booth background with a bold line of text is more likely to attract attention.

Think of a catchy slogan that summarizes the problem that your company or product solves. People with that specific problem will be attracted to your booth. Those that walk past will probably not be your target market.

Use creative fonts and designs for your slogan. This will help it to attract and hold the attention of visitors’ eyes. Maybe part of the slogan can be in larger and bolder fonts than the rest or use different colors or fonts.

Another great idea is to use large banners suspended from the ceiling. Also, try tall flags or tall teardrop banners to attract attention. Tall displays are one of the best tips for vendors as they are visible from far away. So visitors looking for your booth will easily find you.

4. Capitalize on Social Media

Social media is a great way to get people talking about your trade show exhibit. Weeks before the event you can start marketing your booth by informing your followers about your booth display. Share teasers and previews of what they can expect to see and experience at your event.

Encourage them to attend the trade show and visit your booth. You can do this by holding a competition or promising exciting giveaways. Tradeshows often have an event hashtag so be sure to use it as well as your brand’s hashtag on all your social media posts.

On the day of the event, set up a social media photo booth and share visitor photos on your social media page. You can get their permission to tag them so that the photos are shared with their network.

Do a live stream of any presentations or giveaway on Facebook or Instagram live. This allows your online audience to join in on the fun. A high-energy live stream will attract a crowd at the event as people will want to see what is going on.

5. Be Interactive

Interactive displays and demos are some of the best attention grabbers at trade shows. Give victors a chance to try your product or service by setting up demos at your booth. This could drive up your sales as some visitors will fall in love with your product.

Another way to increase audience interaction with your exhibit is to set up a game or contest. For example, you can have a check-in contest where visitors take a photo at your booth. Have them tag you on social media to enter a contest to win a fabulous prize. You can also create an easter-egg hunt with clues all over the trade show that will lead visitors to your booth.

Add These Trade Show Attention Grabbers to Your Booth

Purchasing space at a trade show can be quite costly. So the leads and traffic you get at the trade show event must be worth the investment. The above tips are all great ways to create a trade show booth that will attract a lot of attention and traffic.

Learn how to add the right attention grabbers to your next booth. Contact us today to get assistance with making sure your next event booth is a successful one.

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