The world of marketing and advertising is in continuous evolution, and it can be hard for brands and companies to understand what the right investment to make to obtain the best returns might be.

Luckily, when it comes down to generating leads and helping your brand stand out from the competition, trade show exhibitions are always a sure-fire way to leave an awesome impression and connect with your audience.


But as trade booths become all the more popular, how can you design a trade show display that truly helps your brand emerge from the background noise?


At Infinity Exhibits our exhibit displays designers know that the competition has never been fiercer, and advertising campaigns are more imaginative than ever. That is why we have dedicated our expertise and knowledge to creating alternative, one-of-a-kind trade show graphics, booth design, and displays. Here’s all you need to know.


Trade Shows and Trade Show Graphics: What You Need To Know To Help Your Brand Stand Out

Trade shows have consistently been a staple of any brand’s advertising strategy since the success of the first recognized exhibitions such as the Great Exhibition in 1851, L’Expostion Publique des Produits de L’industrie Francaise in 1798, and the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1976.

trade show exhibit graphic design

And, while technology is certainly fuelling the innovation of trade shows and exhibitions, nothing is more effective than face-to-face interfaction between a brand and the market. After all, trade shows give startups the chance to set their foot in the industry’s door, fuel the growth of larger companies, and elevate the industry’s benchmark.


So, are trade shows still relevant in today’s economy? And is it worth investing in customized trade show graphics? Certainly yes, and here’s why!


Trade Shows: By The Numbers

Just in the US, every year, over 13,000 trade shows take place, and, in 2017, US companies spent a whopping $25 billion on exhibiting, trade show ideas, displays, banner stands, prototypes, and marketing material.


In 2021, industry professionals attended, on average, over 10 regional trade shows, 6.4 national exhibitions, and 4.4 international industry events.


But are these events useful to each company and the industry as a whole? Recent estimates show that over 92% of attendees are able to discover new products and services thanks to trade whos, 82% of participants are granted buying authority by their company, and nearly 80% of them are there to decide what to buy.


So, no matter whether your company is looking to grow, expand, tap into a different market, or promote a new product, a trade show is a great place to start. But how can you help your brand stand out once you have secured a space at the next industry show? Here’s how the designers at Infinity Exhibits can help.


Investing in the Best Trade Show Graphics for Your Brand: A Quick-Start Guide

When it comes down to choosing your trade show graphics, banners, and pop up exhibits, there is a lot to take into consideration. Here is what to keep in mind.


Types of Display: Choosing the Right One for Your Company

Unfortunately, when it comes down to choosing the right trade show graphics and media for your company, there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula you can rely on to make the right choice.

trade show display graphics

At Infinity Exhibits, our experienced trade booth design experts will help you better understand how to wow the event’s attendees while sticking to your budget.


Some of the most common types of trade show displays include:

  • Pop-up exhibits or flexible panels – these are affordable, easy to set up, and portable. They are particularly suitable for smaller businesses attending regional events.
  • Panel displays – these are stable banners, which are usually heavier and sturdier than pop-up graphics. They are often costlier than pop-ups and longer-lasting.
  • Modular exhibits – these multi-panel displays allow for endless configurations, making it easier to adapt them to the space available in each exhibition.
  • Tabletop displays and covers – these smaller banners are best suited for small exhibition stands where large panels aren’t necessary.


When choosing your trade show booth format and signage, it is important to account for the space available, the shape of the booth, and your branding strategy. Working with a specialized trade show graphics company can help you find the right tradeshow solution for your needs.


Meeting Your Budget and ROI Needs

The cost of a trade show can vary significantly depending on where it takes place, the companies involved, and the distance from your physical company.


However, on average, a standard 10×10 booth area is priced at $100 and $150 per square foot, for an average of $14,000 – but it can be as low as $2,000 for regional fairs. To cover the cost of marketing materials, banners, freebies, customer experience, and entertainment, companies often have a trade show budget as high as $42,000.


On the other hand, attendees face an admission cost of over $640 on average, and they are prepared to commit to spending in line with their company’s budget.


When choosing your exhibition booth design, graphics, and signage, make sure to keep in mind all the costs involved and estimate what ROI you wish to obtain.


At Infinity Exhibits, we can create ad hoc solutions for anyone, from local businesses with budgets lower than $2,000 to large corporations who are ready to spend over $25,000 to ensure that their booth stands out!


Enhancing Your Trade Show Booth With Freebies and Accessories

Over 50% of exhibit attendees are more likely to engage with a business or brand if they are offering gifts, accessories, test products, and freebies. But while it is important to help consumers engage with your products and services, it is important to keep your exhibit on-brand and in line with your strategy and budget.

At Infinity Exhibits, our expert designers can help you find the best exhibition booth accessories to enhance the efficiency and ROI of your stand.

trade show booth graphics

Must-Have Elements for a Winning Trade Show Exhibit Display

No matter the type of trade show graphics and banners you have chosen, there are some must-have elements that should be included with your signage. These are:

  • Social media signs
  • Company information
  • Contact details
  • Vision and mission
  • QR codes to your website


Beyond the message the sign is trying to convey, it is important for your signage to be in-line with your brand colors, voice, and identity to promote awareness and recognition. After all, you’ll want your returning customers to know where to find you!


Get a Rendering and Set Your Expectations Right

Unsure about what your trade show graphics will look like once they are printed? At infinity Exhibits, our design experts provide each of our clients with 3D, realistic renderings you can refer to while you are designing your booth.


Integrating Innovation: PixLip Go Backlit Displays

As technology brings in new, engaging media and graphics, it can be hard for a business to stand out with traditional banners and signage. So, how can you take your exhibit stand to the next level and ensure that potential leads won’t just walk by?


Custom PixLip Backlit Displays are created exactly with this goal in mind! Once installed, these portable backlit displays catch the eyes of attendees and can help you stand out in a background of static, traditional signage.


PixLip Backlit Displays are structured using a lightweight ABS plastic extrusion frame that supports SEG backlit graphics. Companies can make the most of 5 available sizes and nearly endless configuration possibilities.


Since the PixLip Go Backlit Displays are entirely customizable to your company’s unique needs, you can seamlessly enhance your booth without having to redesign the entire stand.


The Benefits of the Right Trade Show Exhibit Backlit Display and Booth Design

Using trade show graphics and tailored booth designs can yield a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Delivering the right message to attendees and the show’s audience – as well as communicating your company’s vision and mission.
  • Standing out from the competition, especially in larger, more complex shows
  • Placing your brand in the right market spot and aligning your marketing with your price point
  • Engaging with your audience and generating in-person leads
  • Increasing brand awareness and recognition within the industry and beyond
  • Maximizing your trade show booth and space


Today, an increasing number of companies opt to participate in virtual trade shows and events. While these might be useful to some extent, nearly 90% of attendees still prefer to participate in an in-person event, build real relationships with the people behind a brand, ask all the questions they might have, and test a product first-hand.


Nonetheless, the right signage – when connected to your social media channels and websites, can be the starting point of a long-lasting virtual relationship with your users.


Finding a Customized Trade Show Booth Design Service for Your Company

Choosing the right trade show graphics can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if you are not sure what to expect in terms of design, budget, and printing results.


At Infinity Exhibits, our team of expert trade show booth designers, marketers, and graphic design specialists have been delivering excellence for over 20 years and can help you better understand the unique needs of your company and craft a trade show strategy that truly aligns with your goals.


Unsure where to start? Get in touch with our team or request a quote for your trade show graphics today.

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