Trade shows have many benefits for your business. They increase brand awareness, B2B opportunities, and help grow your customer database.

But, the key to a successful trade show starts with engagement.

To get people to your booth, you have to stand out and offer something that they want. Trade show booth games are a great way to get attention, bring people to your booth, and interact with potential customers.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can use trade show booth games at your next trade show.

No-Fail Ideas for Trade Show Booth Games

Here are some fun and attracting game ideas to include at your next trade show booth.

Virtual Reality

If you can afford it, offering a virtual reality experience to trade show goers is a no-fail way to get attention and engagement.

Virtual reality typically involves using headsets to send people into a whole new, and very realistic, world. It is popularly used with games. The gamer feels like they are inside of the game and uses their body to play.

But virtual reality can be used for other more business-related experiences. Users can put on the headset and enter the world of your daily operations. They can walk through showrooms, interact with your products, or get a behind the scenes look into daily operations.


Golf is always a success for trade show booth games. Why? Because whether you’re an avid golfer or someone who has never played in their life, golf is always challenging.

Plus, it’s universal.

There are different options for hosting a golf activity at your booth. You can get putting greens, which are the easiest to incorporate and play.

Driving range simulators are also a hit. It’ll give participants a chance to practice or see what golf is all about.

Another option is to incorporate a virtual golf game. Goers will love this but keep in mind that it will take up a lot more time per individual. You may end up losing players that don’t want to wait.

Flying Disc

You’re probably thinking: “how would anyone incorporate flying disc in a small space at a trade show?” It can be done.

Similar to throwing a ball into a hole, flying disc games at trade shows usually include the goal of getting the flying disc into a slot or to land into something.

Give each player three tries. They’ll love it because it is challenging and can bring them back to their childhood.


Trivia is a great way to get people to think about your brand and remember it (especially if they get the answers wrong). Plus, everyone loves to challenge their brain every now and again.

Set up a trivia game that is similar to popular game shows like Jeopardy or Family Feud. As questions about your brand or industry and give prizes to everyone who tries.

Arcade Games

Whether it’s a retro arcade game such as Pacman or Pinball, or it’s newer games with a Wii, arcade games are sure to get people of all ages to your booth.

Try to find a game that fits your business or industry. For example, if you’re presenting at a gun show, then get a hunting arcade game. If your market is children, then go with something easier and child-friendly.

Design a leaderboard and update the high scores throughout the day. To make it realistic, give tickets for winnings rather than prizes. Then, let players “spend” their tickets on a variety of prize options.

Prize Wheel

Probably the most used of trade show booth games, the prize wheel is simple, affordable, and will always attract attention.

Feature a grand prize that people will remember after the trade show is over. This will engrain your brand into their minds. Add in smaller prizes, too, so to ensure engagement.

Make sure your wheel is colorful, bright, and large enough for people to notice. Alternative options that work the same include roulette wheels and Plinko boards.

Yard Games

Yard games are easy to include and they’re fun. Get an oversized Jenga set, chess board, or corn hole and you’ll have people playing all day long.

Since these games are competitive between players, you won’t have to offer prizes or keep track of winnings. But you should still have some kind of promo giveaway at your booth and spend time cheering players on.

Tips for Prizes

Give a small prize to everyone who plays your game. Whether it’s as small as food or a pen, this will draw more people to your booth and get more people to play.

Then, you can have larger prizes for those who do win.

If you’re doing a grand prize, cash will always draw people in. Everyone loves a photo with a giant check.

Other prizes that are successful include free-trials or samples of your product, mystery boxes full of different items, and high-ticket items such as iPads, iPhones, vehicles, and vacations.

Just remember– fit the prize to your industry. If you’re at a boat convention, giveaway a boat, fishing trip, or boating products with your brand on them.

Tips for Set Up

You’ll need to be sure to have a display that fits your game and the space you need. Look for the necessary accessories such as the correct flooring, extra lighting for highlighting, get media accessories, extra chairs or stools, and banners.

Order the Perfect Exhibit Display to Pair with Your Trade Show Booth Game

Whichever you choose among these great trade show booth games, you’ll attract and interact with more people.

We can help make sure you have the perfect display that fits your space and set up. We offer custom designs and fabrications for trade show displays, including options for every booth type and size.

Contact us today to start your design or get a custom quote.

Gene Friedman

Gene Friedman

CEO & Trade Show Marketing Consultant at Infinity Exhibits
Gene is the CEO of Infinity Exhibits in Sarasota, FL. He is a trade show marketing consultant with over 20 years of professional experience in trade show display manufacturing and trade show events marketing. His clients are global and range in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
Gene Friedman
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