What’s the recipe for creating an irresistible trade show display? Many businesses try — and fail — by simply using the same sales copy and graphic design they use on all their other collateral materials. If you’ve attended a trade show lately, you can judge how poorly that plan works by the numerous uninviting displays that just don’t seem to click.

When it comes to creating appealing, engaging trade show displays, there’s no one formula that works for everyone in every type of business. But there are some common ingredients for success.

Ample Planning Time

Rushing to throw something together at the last minute never ends well. It’s critical to take the time to create an overall strategy for the show and to ensure that your display fits with your company’s marketing message and branding.

Begin your planning keeping in mind the elements your display will need to include, and consider how they’ll be incorporated. About Money notes that all displays need, at a minimum:

  • Visual elements
  • An engaging headline
  • A brief description
  • Your company name and logo
  • Your website information

Your Unique Positioning

To stand out from the crowd, it’s vital to communicate succinctly what sets you apart from other businesses in your industry. The first step in achieving this goal is being clear about what you do. It’s amazing how many trade show displays don’t provide attendees with a hint of what they’re about, and many people are too embarrassed to ask. Don’t be that company!

In your display copy, think in terms of benefits — how your product or service affects people’s lives — rather than simply listing features. Be sure your company name, logo and website URL are prominent and in a font and type size readable from a distance.


A Dash of Pizazz

Trade shows aren’t the time to be demure. While you don’t want to assault attendees with a cacophony of loud colors or too much text, you do need to take steps to stand out among the sea of displays. Here are some do’s and don’ts for standing out:

  • Do use contrasting, eye-catching color schemes.
  • Do staff your booth with friendly, smiling individuals.
  • Do send out pre-show invites and e-blasts that play off your display’s theme and help attendees spot you in the crowd.
  • Don’t place a table or other obstacles across the front of your booth. You want people coming in to chat!Do use a catchy, short and easily remembered headline.
  • Do use a simple typeface that’s easy to read from a distance. Infinity Exhibits can help you choose a readable font for your display.
  • Do use clear, bold images to add visual interest.

To create an irresistible trade show display, use the right ingredients

To get attendees stopping to chat at your next show, create an engaging display. Make sure you allow plenty of time for planning, be clear with your company’s identity and message, and incorporate appealing visual elements.


Gene Friedman
Live Chat Software