Tension Fabric Display Kits


We offer several types of Tension Fabric Display Kits including affordable backwall kits (Essentials), Merchandise kits with shelving, upscale kits with angles/curved designs (Designer and Master Series), and Architectural Kits (Hybrid) which combines elements of both.  Custom Tension Fabric Displays are available upon request to meet your specific needs.  Please contact us with your requirements and a Free Rendering! 


Used Trade Show Booths

Let’s Design Your Tension Fabric Display!

What type of a Tension Fabric Display are you looking for?

FabLite Essential Kits are an affordable and extremely portable tension fabric display system on a budget!

FabLite Merchandiser Displays are a tension fabric display that combines shelving and hang-bars for the ultimate lightweight merchandise booth!

FabLite Master tension fabric displays are a lightweight and portable display system with multiple compelling design possibilities that are sleek, sophisticated, and simple!

FabLite Designer Kits are a tension fabric display systems that feature angled/curved designs, monitor mounts, and backlit graphics to make you stand out from the crowd! 

FabLite Hybrid Kits are the ultimate Tension Fabric Displays constructed from 2″ pipes allowing the use of more architectural shapes! 

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