As a small business, if you were presented with the opportunity to take your goods on the road would you be prepared? With so many businesses shuddering their doors and moving to digital platforms, it’s good to get out and interact with consumers in person. This is where trade shows, expos, and vendor opportunities come into play.

Each has its own purpose and you’ll need good expo booth ideas to stand-out among companies competing for attention.

Trade shows are for displaying your products and services to industry-related businesses. Expos provide a platform to market and sell to people in need of specific products and services, like home and garden or automotive supplies. Numerous events take place each year, and they allow small businesses to become vendors for a nominal fee.

Regardless of which category you fall under, you need to know how to set up your expo booth attractively. Keep reading for 10 attention-grabbing expo booth ideas.

1. Branding Your Expo Booth Ideas

There are many ways to get your brand in front of people. Becoming a vendor at trade shows and events is one of them. Invest in the following branded materials for your booth set-up.

  • Table Covers
  • Backdrops
  • Banners
  • Photo Backdrops

Everyone working in your booth or onsite getting traffic to your booth needs to wear t-shirts or polos with your logo on it.

2. Digital Displays

Digital displays are easy to create on your own. All you need is a display and electrical outlet in your set-up. With a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation, you display continuous messaging to people in the vicinity of your booth.

3. Carnival Games

People love to play games.

There are fun carnival games that you can display in your booth. Do a bean bag toss, spin-the-wheel, or a trivia game. Participants can play for a small prize or entry into a bigger giveaway.

You can also incorporate games that require two or more people competing against each other. Complete strangers make the games more fun.

Try to incorporate a way to educate players on your product or service. This way you not only educate them but people will stop to see what is going on.

4. Promotional Giveaways

Promotional giveaways are always a win when it comes to expo booth ideas. People love free stuff and promotional giveaways help get your name out.

T-shirts make for great giveaways because a person is more likely to wear apparel. It also increases the chance that others will see your promotional material. Pens and mugs are good but are less likely to be seen by others.

5. Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations are another expo booth idea. Setup your expo booth to ensure a large audience can see your demo. Incorporate screens overhead so the people in the back can also watch.

Ask the event organizer if it’s okay to wear a microphone. Be mindful of other vendors and limit the length of the demo to ten minutes or less. If possible, provide multiple demos throughout the day.

Promote the time of the demo on marketing materials.

6. Interactive Live Stream

Stream your product demos, interview booth visitors, and more. Let the world know you are serious about your business and invite them to come down to the expo. Anyone mentioning they saw the live stream gets a prize.

All you need is a smartphone or tablet and whichever app you want to stream to. Make sure to read your expo vendor contract for rules on using recording equipment.

7. Bring an Assistant

Don’t try to operate your vendor booth alone. Always have at least one assistant and a couple of floorwalkers. Your booth assistant can answer questions and distribute information if you get busy with someone else.

Your assistant also comes in handy if someone wants to take a picture with you. In slow times, your assistant can keep you company or run and grab lunch.

8. Provide Bottled Water and Snacks

After walking a large expo all or convention center, visitors get thirsty and need a snack. Have bottles of cold water with your personalized company logo. Also, have some granola bars for the health-conscious individuals and a bowl of candy for those just looking for a snack.

People are more likely to stick around for a few minutes when offered a drink. Use the opportunity to not only be kind but also to pitch your product or service.

9. Have a Sitting Area

If your space allows it, set up your booth with a small sitting area. Include a digital display with your business presentation airing. Also include a small table with pamphlets, brochures, postcards, and business cards.

After a person has been seated at least a minute, come over and ask if they would like more information. Hand them the printed materials and offer a big bag with your logo for them to carry the materials they’ve collected at the expo.

10. Go Social

Social media should be a part of your expo booth ideas. Take pictures once your booth is set-up and post to your social platforms. Have a photo prop and encourage people to take pictures with it. Ask that they post to social media and tag your page.

Throughout the expo give updates on your timeline. Invite people to come out and say hello. If the event supports a cause, make sure you give information on it and ask people to support the organizer.

After the event, host a giveaway where you draw from the names of people that shared your information.

Get Ready to Greet Your Audience

These expo booth ideas are sure to help you get noticed at your next event. Remember to request the set-up specs for each event. Only take with you what is needed for the space provided.

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