Trade shows are a powerful marketing tool. Research shows 67% of all exhibition attendees are potential customers, making trade shows a great place to connect with them and increase brand awareness.

And another great way to attract customers is by getting creative with your trade show booth design.

Not sure how? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the latest trends to incorporate in your next show.

What’s Hot 

It’s important your trade show booth provides an inviting atmosphere for customers. You can do this by:

Creating a Relaxed Environment

Add comfortable chairs, snacks, water coolers, and charging stations so customers can escape the busy trade show atmosphere.

If your booth offers this, customers will be flooded with positive emotions, making it easier to connect with them and, hopefully, convert them into leads.  

Keeping It Minimal

Another important booth design is decluttering.

If you cram your space with furniture and it’s difficult to navigate, customers will feel less relaxed and willing to engage with you. Instead, leave some open space in your trade show design so people can walk around and understand what your booth has to offer.  

Providing a Multi-Sensory Experience

One of the popular trade show trends in 2020 is introducing a multi-sensory experience.

Sight and sound is a great way to attract trade show attendees but why not introduce smell or taste too?

If you’re in the food industry, for example, brew a pot of fresh coffee or display a tray of baked cookies.

Or, depending on the function of your tradeshow booths, you could introduce a tactile element to your design. Add hands-on demonstrations and touchscreens to encourage customers to interact with your product.

You should also display tactile surfaces that are too striking to ignore. Walls of reversible sequins or pin art will attract customers and leave them with long-lasting memories of your product and brand.  

Experiment With Lighting

Light is a creative way to get a passerby’s attention.

It doesn’t have to be a dramatic display but finds simple ways to enhance your booth with light. For example, install back-lighting to accent key displays and help draw in new visitors.  

Incorporate 3D Printing

Even though 3D printing was invented in the ‘80s, it only soared in popularity in recent years. 

Nowadays, technology has evolved so it’s more accessible without compromising quality and function. For example, create 3D-printed scale models and use them to bring your display to life.  

Embrace Advanced Technology

You don’t have to go overboard but consider using virtual and augmented reality, 360-degree videos, and holographic walls.

But make sure the technology relates to your booth instead of overshadowing it. Look at how digital elements improve customer engagement and see how you can incorporate it, so your booth is more customer-orientated. 

For example, if you don’t have enough space for demonstrations, use virtual reality so customers can see how your product works.

What’s Not Hot 

Here’s what to avoid in your trade booth designs.

Renting the Wrong Sized Booth Space

Avoid renting out a large booth space as you’ll potentially end up spending more money with no increase in traffic.

Instead, find a smaller space as it’s more intimate and comfortable. Though, consider how many staff members will be there, your displays, and furnishing so customers’ don’t feel stifled. 

Low-Quality Displays and Graphics

The human brain processes image 60,000 times quicker than text so it’s important you’re incorporating these in your trade booth design.

But you will not entice visitors with cheap, blurry graphics. Focus on vibrant colors, striking images, and high-quality printing to highlight your products or service.

For example, many trade show booths have interchangeable panels, both inexpensive and practical while looking great. 

Using An Outdated Booth

The last thing you want your trade booth to show is to wear and tear. If it’s impossible to hide its appearance, invest in a new exhibit.

You should invest in a modern design to garner attention from onlookers and encourage them to engage with your brand. 

Complicating Your Message

From your booth’s appearance to the message, keep your trade show design simple.

Prospects should know from the get-go what you offer, how you’re better than your competitors, and your brand identity. Remember trade shows are fast-paced so you want to get your message across in a few seconds.

This also means you shouldn’t display your entire product line. Instead, focus on your best-sellers so customers aren’t overwhelmed and your booth isn’t cluttered.

Trapping People In and Blocking People Out

Make sure your pop-up displays, tabletop displays, and counters aren’t stopping customers from entering your booth. Creating a labyrinth is not only frustrating but it makes your area appear uninviting.

The same goes for trapping people. Unless you need to block out the venue’s ambient light for product reasons, don’t enclose your potential customers as it creates an awkward situation.  

Doing It Yourself

Don’t expect your in-house graphic designer to design your exhibit. Designing and building exhibits require a special skill set that is best done by professionals.  

That’s Everything to Know About Trade Show Booth Design 

Creating an effective trade show booth design takes patience and planning. It’s important to keep it minimal, create open space, and highlight your best products so prospective customers aren’t overwhelmed. 

Even though it’s tempting to DIY, professionals know how to use the trade booth space in an effective and inviting way so you can attract customers and turn them into leads. Happy exhibiting!

Do you need help with your trade booth design? If so, we’d love to chat. Contact us here for more information.

Gene Friedman
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