What if all your conference trips were nothing but a waste of time and money?

When you set up a vendor booth at a conference, you have two main goals: advertising to new customers and networking with fellow professionals.

However, they won’t visit your booth at all if you have sparse decorations and nothing particular to catch the eye.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to start using some new vendor booth decorating ideas. Keep reading to discover our favorites that you can start using today!


1. Inspiration From the Past

When you think about developing new decorations, many people think you must start from the ground up. However, we’re big believers in the “work smarter, not harder” school of thinking!

For example, you can easily view photos and videos from the previous year’s convention. And you can see which booths managed to stand out and which were boring and easy to overlook.

Our advice? Scan those photos and videos for ideas you can use! If you’re on a strict budget, this also helps you get inspiration for using the materials that you already have in a unique way.


2. Modular Size

You’ll eventually end up having to spend extra money on decorating your trade show booth. Make sure that you treat this cost as a real investment.

No company wants to spend money on a new booth for every single event. So, why not get one booth that will serve a variety of purposes?

Get a booth that you can modify to several different sizes. This way, you’ll be able to make the most out of however much space you get to use for your vendor booth.


3. Colors On Brand

Some companies worry about creating vendor table ideas because they don’t know how to start. However, most of what goes into a good booth involves using basic elements of marketing.

For instance, you are going to have several visual elements at your booth. This includes things like high-quality imagery and brochures that you hand out.

Make sure that your company colors are prominently featured on everything. This creates a uniform look that gets people’s attention. Furthermore, it helps establish your brand among new clients and colleagues who have never heard of your company.


4. Font Finesse

For banners and brochures, the font matters. And changing the font up is something you should do very carefully!

Standard fonts like Times New Roman and Calibri are boring. People associate these fonts with college essays and start getting bored before they finish reading a sentence.

Other fonts can be eye-catching, but may give people a bad impression of your company. No one is coming to your booth if you’re using Comic Sans for your banners!

Long story short? Do research about effective fonts well before you start printing banners and brochures.


5. Fun and Prizes

Here’s an open secret: most people don’t find conferences and trade shows super-exciting or fun. They attend because it is a workplace obligation.

Nonetheless, you can bring the fun to them at your booth. This should be in the form of fun games and cool prizes.

As you know, everyone is going to be handing out things like pens, bags, and cups. What you can do instead is create a kind of “wheel of swag” that interested people can spin.

Most of the prizes on that wheel will be things like pens, bags, and cups. But you should also have bigger prizes that visitors to your vendor booth have a chance of winning.

At the end of the day, this takes very little effort on your part: you’re just making a wheel and bringing a few grand prizes. But by adding interactivity and games of chance to your table, you really crank up the fun factor, even when they end up missing out on the big prize!


6. Featured Products

Imagine this: a customer looks across the room and sees your booth. They then ask a colleague, “I wonder what they sell?”

If this happens, then your booth is a failure. Why? Because you should be featuring the products that you sell in a major way!

Your table should have product samples and your banners should have product images. Ideally, the front of your brochures will also feature the products you are selling.

Imagery is much more intriguing to people than text. Use high-quality images and cool product examples to lure people in. These leads will then be that much warmer when you begin the conversation.


7. Demo Debut

This next vendor booth idea goes hand-in-hand with the previous one. Because once customers become interested in your product, the next question is going to be “how does it work?”

It’s a rookie mistake to cover your table with nothing but product samples, brochures, and hand-outs. We recommend also leaving enough room for you to conduct regular product demonstrations.

Such demonstrations build initial interest because it offers people a chance to play with something new and interactive. And when other attendees see a line of interested people for at your booth to try the product out, then buzz and interest will keep building.


8. Text Tag: You’re It!

So far, our vendor table ideas have focused on the vendor table itself. However, you can use some next-level technology to build customer interest before they even lay eyes on your booth!

Tech like iBeacon makes it people to send people a quick text message based on their proximity to your booth. The open rate for text messages is quite high, so they will almost certainly get the message.

You can pair this with the other tips–for instance, texting people an offer of getting a bonus spin on your swag wheel. Once you have their attention, it’s much easier to get their interest.


Vendor Booth Decorating Ideas: The Bottom Line

Now you have some top-notch vendor booth decorating ideas. But do you know who can help you bring these ideas to life?

We specialize in helping companies take their conference and trade show appearances to the next level. To see how we can help you design the ultimate trade show display, check out our services and request a quote today!

Gene Friedman
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