Are you a trade show superhero? Do you know a trade show superhero?

These are people that emulate characteristics of fictional comic book (and movie) superheroes. Sometimes that’s good.  so good!

Trade Show Superheroes

10. Flash

If you want something done, ask a busy person. There’s always someone on the booth staff that has the ability to get things done, no matter what it takes. They look ordinary, and in fact, wear no special costume, but when an issue or problem arises, this person makes it happen.

Weakness: Burnout. Moving so fast for so long will definitely take its toll. In fact, the friction caused by moving so fast through Earth’s atmosphere may actually cause smoke or minor burning.

9. Captain Americasuperheroes-captain-america

Always fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way, Captain America seeks out wrong and strives to make it right. Whether it’s a banner that’s crooked, a small piece of dirt on the carpet, this superhero will go the distance to make everything perfect.

Weakness: Perfection is impossible. That’ll probably drive Captain America bonkers some day.

8. Politeness Man (from National Lampoon)

Perhaps not a real superhero, still he does exist. No matter how rude people are to him or his staff, Politeness Man always manages to keep a smile pasted on his face and treats people exceedingly nice.

Perhaps not a real superhero, still he does exist. No matter how rude people are to him or his staff, Politeness Man always manages to keep a smile pasted on his face and treats people exceedingly nice.

Weakness: Can slip into condescension when his pals are not looking.

7. Iron Mantrade show superheroes - ironman

No doubt you’ve met this superhero, but might not have even recognized him. According to comic book mythology, Iron Man wears a suit of armor, yet underneath it all, he battles demons such as alcoholism and a broken heart (literally, with a piece of threatening shrapnel), but is a brilliant businessman.

Weakness: So yeah, a flawed hero (aren’t they all?).

6. Sue Storm, the Invisible Girl

One minute she’s there, the next she’s gone. In the blink of an eye. Sometimes when you’re looking right at her. Disappears at certain hours only to reappear in the lounge.

Weakness: Tends to like the handsome nerdy type. Especially those with a rubber personality.

5. The Incredible Hulktrade show superheroes - Hulk

Okay, he’s typically mild-manner, but suddenly during set-up of the booth, he turns into a behemoth able to lift large items to make set-up go easier. Be sure to buy the guy a drink after set-up. He’s earned it.

Weakness: Low self-image; needs emotional reinforcement.

4. Johnny Storm, The Human Torch

A hothead at heart, all he needs is to encounter some small inconvenience and it’s all “Flame On!” Stand back or you’ll get burned.

Weakness: Water of course.

3. The Jokertrade show superheroes - joker

Okay, not really a superhero, but the nemesis of all that is good about tradeshows. Constantly looking for ways to party harder, play practical jokes, vanish when the going gets tough, but always comes back to claim some sort of victory.

Weakness: I think Batman has his number. Right?

2. The Silver Surfer

Exiled to Earth by Galactus after saving the planet from destruction, the Silver , wait. The Silver Surfer of the tradeshow floor is the aloof yet powerful entity (often a CEO or upper-level management guru) that is visible for brief moments, then disappears into high-level conferences to discuss saving the company or aligning with another all-powerful entity. Or something like that.

Weakness: Still has a problem relating to the citizens of Earth. Would rather take that surfboard to parts unknown and fly through the skies.

1. Wonder Woman

trade show superheroes - wonderwoman

No further description necessary – she’s a wonder and she’s a woman. Only exists on someone else’s staff. A perfect 10, and often thought of as a vanishing species.

Weakness: None discovered so far.


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