Behind The Scenes – Making of The Soft Science Trade Show Display

We shipped out this spectacular 20-foot slatwall display to the guys and girls at Soft Science.  Who and what is Soft Science?  They are designers of shoes that you can relax in, shoes that you can light exercise in, or shoes that you can work in comfortably if you are on your feet all day. Shoes that are ultra light, superbly cushioned, supportive and durable, at an attractive price point.

They even go as far as stating:

“Shoes so comfortable that they will take your breath away!
In fact, the most comfortable shoes that you will ever wear.”

Slatwall displays are exceptional in displaying your merchandise with plenty of merchandising options.  They are modular and easily reconfigurable. Many colors and textures to choose from.  With so many unique designs you are sure to stand out from your competition.

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Gene Friedman
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