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Pack Expo International is the Superbowl of Packaging Trade Shows

Are you a business looking to network with hundreds of decisions makers in the Package and Shipping industries? If your answer to that question is yes, then I have a must attend event for you. The Pack Expo brings together everyone from industry leaders to mom and pop upstarts for a four-day can’t miss event in Chicago’s Convention Center.  There is both a chance to view innovated ideas from a wide variety of sub-industries within the packaging and shipping world and hear educational classes on the latest trends. It is also a great idea to have your own exhibit to show the world what great things you have to offer.

One event this year that is generating excitement is the Food Safety Summit Resource Center. This is very topical given the recent news headlines caused by a major fast-food chain’s bout with food poisoning issues. The subject will be on a lot of people’s minds. Business will present their solutions on this and other topics. There will also be a seminar and Reusable Learning Center that addresses part of the of the important sustainability issue.

There will be food packing companies there that deal with fruits and vegetables along with other produce, prepared foods, meat/poultry, and beverage packing buyers and sellers will be there. Agriculture companies dealing in grain, mill, cereal, and Tobacco packaging and shipment will be in present in Chicago. There will also be consumer goods and industrial shippers and packers at this expo for you to rub shoulders with. You can meet people and see new ideas in not only your industry but can find solutions that may work for you from other industries as well.

Packaging Trade Shows Introduce New Technology

You will get the chance to view new technologies that are just being introduced to the public. Such as modern processing equipment and integrated packaging systems. There will also be a stage that educational seminars will be conducted from that views out at the convention hall. So you will not have to worry about balancing your time between floor exhibits and educational sessions. It is going to all be there in the same spot for your convenience. Albeit, a very large spot so bring comfortable walking shoes.

Pack Expo is a packaging trade show

One of those exciting and important training sessions will be on workforce development. This will cover the vital topic of employee training. This will help ensure your team is working both efficiently and safely. This is done by having a system in how do your training to avoid the legendary Hodgepodge and trial by an error that lots of us went through when we showed up at the industries doorstep.

One of the great pieces of new technology that are going to be shown by IMBAL STOCK SRL is Vertical Stick Pack-Brushless engines. This durable and innovative machine can help improve your stuffing efficiency and work with sensitive materials in batch packaging. Sarong (North America) Inc. is going to be debuting the Midimax Easy Line. This product uses state of the art software to help cut waste in the production and a use of many different materials. These are just two of the many great products that will be introduced at the Pack Expo. You need to be there to see these things or better yet it is not too late to schedule the debut of your new products and service ideas.

Decision Makers at The Pack Expo Packaging Trade Show

Last year a survey of attendees showed that a majority were either decisions makers or influential in making their organizations shipping and packaging related purchases. You cannot make up a better place to come up with new sales leads in your imagination. If nothing else it is a great place to get your business’ name out there and as a topic of conversation.

PackExpo is a packaging trade show

The show is from November 6th to November 9th at the Chicago Convention Center. You need to book your place now. Already over 200 exhibitors have committed to the Expo. The convention floor is already three-fourths of the way full. You also need to rush and get your accommodations for the event. Get your hotel and flight booked as soon as possible.  There will be thousands of people attending this marquee event and you do not want to be left out. You can visit their website at here. They have a guide for exhibiting. You can also reserve your place and make your schedule for the event on their site as well where you will be able to see some of the other companies who will be attending, topics that will be covered, and pictures of conventions from previous years as well.

For this to be a successful trip and you to impress on the convention floor the first thing you’re going to need though is a great display. It is how you are going to present yourself to industry leaders and likely will be the first impression you create. There are many different kinds and formats of displays. If you are new to the convention it can be intimidating to come up with the right strategy in communicating your brand. Not to mention you are probably unlikely to know how to do this in a cost-effective manner. Don’t let this discourage you though there is someone who is ready and willing to help you out and has been doing this for years.

Exceptional Trade Show Displays at the Pack Expo 2016

Infinity Exhibits is the company you should trust to walk you through the process of getting expo displays to make your brand look its best. They have been helping their customers shine at the Pack Expo for years. They have worked with a variety of different customers from startups to major brands.

They offer a variety of different sizes from 10×10 booths all the way to 20×20 displays. Your display will be both lightweight and affordable. Their team can work with you to get custom designed trade show exhibits that are perfect for what you need. They are friendly and easy to work with.


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