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The 2017 National Association of Convenience Stores Trade Show

The annual NACS show (National Association of Convenience Stores) is the premier event for the convenience and fuel retail industry. This year’s show, held in Atlanta from October 18th to the 21st in the Georgia World Conference Center, promises to be one of the largest turnouts and most productive gatherings in the history of the event.

Who Will Be Attending The 2017 NACS Show

The 2016 NACS show is expected to draw over 24,000 attendees in total. This is consistent with last year’s attendance (24,000), with representatives coming in from over 60 countries and 1,200 companies.

NACS draws professionals of different specialties within the convenience and fuel retail industry. Retailers will attend in order to stay on the cutting edge of new customer acquisition strategies, brand marketing ideas, and revenue drivers. The top suppliers in the industry will exhibit at the NACS show in order to drive visibility, create new sales opportunities and introduce new initiatives into the market, testing them under the scrutinizing eyes of their peers.

The 2017 NACS Show Format

The NACS conference will be split into two major parts: education programming and the NACS Show Expo.

Educational Sessions

Educational programming sessions will take place from October 18th through the 20th. Programming will include presentations from top performers in the industry showcasing new products and techniques to bring products to market.

Topics during the educational sessions of the 2016 NACS Expo will include a high level of expertise, store size specifics and top of mind topics. Industry leaders tend to put their best foot forward during this part of the expo, so come ready to take great notes!


The NACS Expo

The NACS Show Expo – Suppliers and retailers will meet on the floor of the 40,000 square foot expo of the Georgia World Conference Center for a free discussion of ideas, exhibitions, and networking.

The Expo has six separate categories to separate sub-sections of products:

  • Fuel Equipment and Services
  • Candy/Snacks
  • Facility Development and Store Operations
  • Merchandise
  • Technology
  • Food Equipment and Foodservice Programs

Along with these six sections, the Expo will also feature a “Cool New Products Review Room” that is fairly self-explanatory. This room is the place to be if you are looking for the newest innovations, services, and products in the industry. The Cool New Products Review Room will also feature many other growth opportunities outside of product presentations.

The Cool room itself is divided into seven sections to help you find the innovations that are most important to you:

  • Health and Wellness
  • New Flavors
  • New Design
  • New Services
  • New Technology
  • New to the Industry
  • Green (Eco-Friendly)

In each of these rooms, you will be able to take notes on all of the nuanced details of a product. You will also be able to meet the exhibitors up close and personal, and you can bring back this list of new features into the main expo to create a more fruitful search on the main floor.

Creating an Impact at the 2017 NACS Trade Show

With all of the opportunity to showcase products for the top minds and biggest wallets in the industry, exhibitors will be in a state of high competition. If you are looking to make a lasting impression with the whales at this event, then you need to begin strategizing how you will present your wares well ahead of time.

One of the most important aspects of your presentation is your exhibition. Floor space will be quite limited at the NACS show, and there will likely be some last minute changes that no one can anticipate. You need to be ready for all of this with an exhibition stand that is robust enough to give you a professional presentation and flexible enough to move if it becomes necessary.

Creating your own presentation is essentially important at the NACS show. Attendees are not allowed to share exhibitions or badges, and anyone who is caught doing so is immediately dismissed from the conference. Even if you have purchase priority points for the event, you will lose them all if you choose to try to cut corners during this event and piggyback off of an industry friend – a bad strategy at any event, not just the NACS!

Infinity Exhibits has prepared exhibits for high profile, high competition shows like NACS for exhibitors of all sizes, most recently for many exhibitors at the IMTS. We are fully prepared to create a unique and telling representation of your brand to present yourself at the NACS with your best foot forward. Call us or email us today so that we can begin strategies to make your brand the star of the expo.


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