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The 2017 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) will take place at the McCormick Place complex in Chicago, Illinois from September 12th through the 17th 2017. The event is held every two years, with this being the 31st edition of the conference. Specifically, the purpose of the IMTS is for those in the manufacturing technologies industry to meet, connect, and share new ideas. And with more than 114,000 expected to be in attendance this year, it’s sure to be another exciting and productive year in the industry.

Manufacturing Technology Exhibitors

This year, the IMTS expects to see more than 2,000 exhibitors across the manufacturing technology show. These exhibitors will be sharing and displaying their products and technologies throughout various sections of the McCormick Place complex, which is sized at more than 1.3 million square feet. On display at various exhibits, attendees will find more than 15,000 new machine tools, software, components, controls, and more.

Throughout the conference, there will also be a number of co-located shows going on that will allow attendees to make the most of their visit and create a comprehensive experience. Some of these additional events to consider checking out include the Industrial Automation North America show and the Surface North America show, among several others.

Attendees at The Manufacturing Technology Show 2017

This year, the McCormick Place complex in Chicago, Illinois anticipates having more than 114,000 people in attendance at the show; these attendees will include manufacturing technology industry professionals from all over the globe. Even more impressive: these attendees are expected to come from more than 112 different countries!

2016 Manufacturing Technology Show

Pavilions at The 2017 IMTS Trade Show

For the convenience of those in attendance, this year’s show will be separated into various pavilions within the McCormick Place complex; the purpose of this will be to help guide attendees to the booths and trade show exhibits they want to see as quickly and easily as possible. The idea is that each pavilion falls into a specific industry category. Some of this year’s pavilions will include:

  • Fabricating/laser/additive: this is where you’ll find exhibits related to plasma-arc and laser systems, heat treating, welding equipment, waterjet, and the like.
  • Tooling and workholding systems: this is where you’ll see everything from cutting tools and fixtures to features jigs and related accessories.
  • Metal cutting: this pavilion will contain machining centers, flexible manufacturing, lathes, assembly automation systems, and more.

In addition to these three main pavilions, there will also be a number of other pavilions comprising other sectors such as controls, gear generation, cleaning, quality assurance, and more.

Details on The Technology Trade Show

Of the hundreds of thousands of people who have attended IMTS in prior years, 95% have reported that they’ve been satisfied with their exhibit visits, and 86% report that they are successful in finding products or other solutions to their manufacturing problems. Furthermore, nearly 65% meet new business contacts while they’re in town.

Manufacturing Technology Show 2016 stats

Anybody can attend IMTS, but the show is best recommended for those who are in the manufacturing technology industry, such as engineers who work with equipment needs, plant supervisors, and other decision-makers who are involved with purchases related to manufacturing equipment. Attendance is also recommended for staff members and suppliers who are relied on for new ideas, in addition to executives looking to grow their manufacturing technology businesses.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people who attend the show find the answers to their manufacturing problems that they’ve been looking for. At the same time, this is a great opportunity for businesses to take on an exhibitor role and get some of their new and innovative ideas out there.

Attending The 2017 IMTS Trade Show as an Exhibitor

Is your company interested in attending this year’s IMTS conference as an exhibitor? If so, then one of the first things you’ll want to do is to contact the show manager and inquire about availability; based on your specific business or product, a pavilion within the MrCormick Place complex will likely be recommended for optimization of your exhibit performance. If you’re too late to sign up for an exhibit space this year, there’s always 2018!

From there, you’ll want to begin brainstorming ideas in terms of your exhibit display, what it will look like, and what its functions will need to be for peak performance. This is where it may come in handy to contact a team of trade show exhibit professionals.

At Infinity Exhibits, we’re proud to be a U.S.-based company manufacturing top-rated trade show displays that ships nationwide. No matter what your specific needs or budget may be, our talented and experienced team can help to come up with a design that will make your exhibit space pop and draw more foot traffic.


Interested in finding out more? Feel free to reach out to our team; we would be more than happy to work with you in coming up with a custom quote that suits your needs.


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