If your company has spent a lot of time, effort and money trying to get a booth at an event, then you need to make the most out of it. This guide will show you how to do just that.

3 Essential Tips when Planning your Trade Show

Take a look below to get 3 expert tips, that will help you to plan your next marketing trade show.

Booth Location is Everything

Location, location, location. It might be an old business adage, but at the end of the day, it is essential if you want to make the most out of your appearance. A lot of trade shows will give you the chance to set up your exhibit booth in a premium location if you’re willing to pay the extra cost.

As a small business, you may be wondering if it’s worth paying the extra. As a general rule, it is. A lot of spots like this sell out very quickly, and for a very good reason. You will be put where there is most traffic, or where you’re likely to attract the most customers. If you can secure a prime location, then this will help you to ensure that you capitalize on the biggest benefits of attending the trade show.


Get the Look

Buyers tend to be attracted to exhibit booths that look good. If you can, you need to try and use bright colors so you can draw as much attention as possible. If you can do this, then you will soon find that it makes all the difference.

In fact, it can influence whether or not visitors stop, or keep on walking by. Make sure that your message is clear and that it can be seen from every direction. Use bright signs, combined with optimal lighting to ensure that this is the case when designing your exhibit.


Be Approachable

Having the right look, alongside a premium design will help your exhibit to be more approachable. Smiling faces behind the booth will also make a major difference. If you can, you have to make sure that you have a lot of display options available.

Some like pamphlets, reading material or flyers. Others would much rather see you conduct a visual service demo, through video on a tablet. A lot of people will also want to engage with your team at the trade show booth, asking questions and finding out more about your service offerings and how you can help them.

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Choosing the Right Custom Modular Booth- What are your 5 Best Options?

So now you know how important it is to have the right location, and the right team working your exhibit booth. It’s time to move on to getting the perfect look for your display, so you can make sure that your brand and service offering is showcased in the best possible light.


Lightweight Shelving and Grid Displays

If you want your trade show booth to stand out amongst the crowd, then a lightweight shelving grid display is the best solution.

The great thing about this display is that it is suited to exhibits and events, not to mention that you can opt for a rental as well, so you can save money. Shelving like this is constructed from PVC and it can hold 50lbs. You can showcase your merchandise, add some backlit graphics or even a TV mount. This gives you a lot of options because as mentioned above, different customers will want to see your trade show in a different format, depending on what they want.


Custom Aluminum Extrusion Displays

Another option you have when setting up for atrade show, or when trying to create your trade show booth would be aluminum, extrusion displays. The great thing about this kind of booth is that it offers a high level of functionality for trade show exhibits. People will be able to see your booth with ease, which is essential if you want to stand out at events. You can design displays like this to meet your needs, with backlit graphics, shelving, locking storage or even conference rooms. It’s the ultimate marketing tool.


Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric design displays are ideal for trade shows and events as they come with the option to add shelving and upscale Platinum kits. You can add angles and curves too, so if you want to show your products or your services off in the best possible light when attending your next trade show event, you can count on this to make that happen.


Slatwall Merchandising Displays

Another design option would be a slatwall display. If you want a booth that showcases your products when attending exhibits, or events, then this is the ideal solution. With this type of display, you can expect both strength and flexibility. You can choose from various laminate options too so if you want something that reflects your brand or if you want your booth to syndicate with your custom offerings, then this is a fantastic option for your next trade show exhibit.


Truss Displays

If you want your potential customers to walk away from your exhibits thinking that you are professional, then a truss design display is the best option. It’s modern and the industrial custom modular display makes it ideal for a huge range of businesses. This type of trade show rental exhibit doesn’t require any tools to set up, and you can even adjust the layout if you want to cater it so it’s custom-fit for your services and product offerings.


Our Team can Create the Perfect Trade Show Booth for You

So, it doesn’t matter if you want a custom modular design trade show exhibit booth or whether you want something to showcase your services, team, and brand. There are a lot of design options to choose from and when you come to our management team for your exhibits, event booths and rental displays, you know you can count on us to not only meet the expectations you have, but to also exceed them.

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We are Experts in the Field

Our management team are experts in the field when it comes to marketing too, so if you want a quality service that won’t let you want for your next event, then you can trust in our management and exhibit experts to help with that.


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