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International Production and Processing Expo 2018

The International Production and Processing trade show is just around the corner, and organizers expect attendance to continue its annual growth trend. Each year, the IPPE brings together the biggest names in the poultry, meat, and feed industry to exhibit new technology, equipment, services, and processing methods. The 2018 IPPE will be held from January 26 – 28 in Atlanta, GA, at the Georgia World Congress Center.

About the IPP Expo Trade Show

The IPPE is a huge undertaking, bringing together multiple segments of the industry from countries all over the world. In 2015, the IPPE featured a total of 1,284 exhibitors and visitors from all across the United States as well as 103 international countries. The IPPE began its current format in 2013, when the International Poultry Expo, International Feed Expo, and International Meat Expo decided to combine their trade shows into one. The result was the creation of the largest annual event in the poultry, meat, and feed industry.

According to a press release put out by the IPPE, the 2016 edition of the show has already assembled over 1,040 exhibitors with several months still remaining. If you’re looking to get your product, service, or process in front of the eyes of key decision makers in the industry, exhibiting at the 2016 IPPE should be at the top of your agenda.

How Exhibiting at the IPP Expo Trade Show Benefits Your Business

Organizers are anticipating over 30,000 attendees to make their way to Atlanta for the 2016 IPPE. With the integration of the three trade shows by three of the premier industry associations, there is simply no single event that can boast so many industry leaders gathered together.

You’ve worked hard to develop and test your innovative product or service. The next step is to promote your company in front of the key members of the industry. Exhibiting at the IPPE Trade Show is your best chance during the year to build brand awareness for your company and demonstrate specifically what makes your process so unique.

If you’re interested in joining other industry leaders and exhibiting at the IPPE, contact the expo today to reserve booth space. Sales associates can work with you to determine your exhibition needs, ensuring that you’ll have the space you need when the biggest names in the business come together.

The Infinity Exhibits Difference

After you’ve reserved your exhibition space, you’ll need to design a display that will stand out from the crowd of exhibitors and encourage inquiring minds to check out your business. It’s important to have a display that’s eye-catching and informative without being gaudy and overblown. After all, this is your best chance to get the attention of various industry heads, and your trade show display will serve as your first impression. Infinity Exhibits specializes in creating groundbreaking, customizable trade show displays that will put your business front and center.

Among the hallmarks of Infinity Exhibits displays are the use of lightweight materials, simple assembly, and affordability. The design experts at Infinity Exhibits know how to craft a display that will have everyone wanting to investigate your business further. Their displays are also uniquely customizable, featuring displays in many diverse sizes and configurations, constructed from a variety of different materials. The dedicated professionals at Infinity Exhibits can help you design a display that will enhance your brand, demonstrate your value proposition, and make your IPPE Trade Show experience as success.  ​

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