If you’re a business owner, you will likely be familiar with trade shows. Did you know that 81% of attendees to shows have the power to make purchases there and then?

What better reason could there be to turn your trade show booth into a pop-up shop? Sell your service or product directly at the show. Recoup some of the costs while you’re creating and maintaining customer relationships. 

Are you already thinking about pop-up shops or do you still need some persuasion? Here’s what you need to know about how to do a pop-up shop.

What’s a Pop-up Shop?

You may be familiar with trade shows, but a pop-up shop might be new to you. Luckily, it’s exactly what it sounds like! A pop-up shop is a temporary store with the ability to ‘pop-up’ when and where you need it. 

They’ve become increasingly popular as brick-and-mortar stores struggle with footfall, sales, and increases in rent. 

Take your product or service to your customers, no more waiting for them to come to you. At a trade show, you’re guaranteed the people there are looking for a product or service like yours. 

Displaying Product

There are lots of ways to display your product in your pop-up shop trade show booth. From shelves to the storage, there is something for everyone.

Is There Enough Space?

Definitely. We provide display solutions from as small as 10ft x 10ft. A pop-up shop doesn’t need much more than a trade show booth. It’s all about using that space in a better way.


We have a range of lightweight shelving options available for your booth. We also provide racks for the hanging of products. 

You can display as much or as little physical product as you like. You can choose from our single shelving units or turn the wall of your entire booth into shelves. 

Display Stands

We have a range of display plinths available. These can be used to display or demonstrate your product. We even have lockable plinths for you to store your stock. 

Things to Consider

Think about the space that you have, and the variety of products that you have. If you sell just one thing, you probably don’t need your whole stand to showcase row upon row of the same product. 

If you have a lot of different products but you only have a small space, consider what’s important to have out on display.

Don’t forget about how you will take your stand and your product to and from the show. We have a variety of display options to fit different needs. 

If your product is heavy you might want to consider a more substantial display unit. If you need your stand to pack down small, we have tension fabric displays that are lightweight and take up no space at all. 


Just because you’re a pop-up shop, it doesn’t mean you’re not still a trade show booth. You still need to draw people in and provide the information they need. 

You can use your trade booth graphics to display information like size and color options. Leaving space for one or two examples of the product for display. This is especially useful for smaller stands. 

Consider what else a purchaser might want or need to know. Incorporate pricing and special show discounts into your graphics to catch people’s attention. 

There’s a lot of competition for the attendee’s attentiveness at a trade show, so be sure to stand out from the crowd

We offer free 3D design and rendering to our customers to help you find the best trade show booth for your next show. You can see design ideas and 3D examples on our website. 

We also offer banners and double-deck displays so you can be seen from anywhere.  


Consider how you can use your pop-up shop again in the future. A pop-up trade show booth can be a pop-up shop anywhere. 

Using modular display solutions can mean your stand or pop-up shop will expand or shrink to fit different spaces. 

Take your pop up shop and sell your product in other retail or department stores, high streets or shopping malls. You can even attend other events!

Accessories and More

If you have space, consider a table and chairs or even a private room for conversations with clients. 

Don’t forget to light your pop up trade show booth. Be sure to speak with us about your lighting needs to bring your product displays to life. 

You can add a tv or iPad stand to your pop-up shop too. It can engage potential customers until you are free to speak with them. Bring people to your stand, and display engaging information about your product and how to use it.

Portable Payments

Your pop up business also needs portable payment. 

Of course, you can accept cash which needs nothing more than a secure place to store it. However, in the digital age, and during the current COVID crisis, cash is becoming even less widely used. 

Luckily, there are other options. With a wifi connection and a portable payment device, you’ll be up and running in no time. You can accept payments via smart devices or cards in a variety of ways

Most trade shows will have wifi available to stand holders. Check if there is an extra price for this with the venue of the show your attending.

What’s Stopping You?

There’s no reason not to turn your next trade show booth into a pop-up shop. You can engage with customers and create new relationships just like you would usually. But you can also be making money immediately at the same time. 

We are here to help you design what you need, so browse our website for the products and services on offer, or get in touch today to discuss your needs. 

Gene Friedman
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