These methods will help you to draw more attention to your trade show display. Follow these important objectives to leave a lasting impression at trade shows.

Of course you’re trying to grow your business. Who isn’t?

According to CEIR, 99% of marketers said they found valuable content at trade shows that they hadn’t found in any other marketing form.

Trade shows offer a unique marketing strategy. You’re able to engage potential customers face to face- but first, you have to attract their interest.

Making sure your trade show display is top notch will attract maximum attention, turning those with casual interest into customers.

Keep reading for tips on how to make your trade show stand out.

Logo,Design,trade show displayConsider Your Design

Messy, complicated graphics and taglines can muddle your content and make potential customers keep on walking. Clarity is important with all convention displays design.

Your Logo

Consider your logo. Are the lines clean? Is it simple enough that your customers don’t have to work to figure out what it means?

Good. Keeping things simple allows your business to shine. Use your graphics as a medium for conveying what you’re all about.

Make sure to think about your color choices. A recent study showed that up to 90% of quick judgements about a product can be chalked up to color alone.

Although everyone’s reactions to certain colors differ, consider whether your color choices embody your business.

Your Tagline

Consider the tagline on your trade show display. Is it informative? Is it attention-grabbing and simple?

Keeping your content’s language short and to the point is the best way to quickly capture your audience’s attention. Come up with a simple, exciting tagline that will get them to stop by. Once you’ve got their attention, you can fill them in with other valuable content.

Don’t forget the importance of your font choices. It might seem like a minute detail, but putting thought into the way your message is presented will help you hit your target audience. Use a font that speaks to your business’ identity, whether it be bold and bubbly or thin and serious.

Make sure to brand all sides of your trade show display with your graphics and tagline for maximum visibility in the space!

Make It Fun

Don’t be that loner booth that’s sadly looking on to the popular booth in town. When you don’t include interactive elements in your trade show display, there won’t be much reason for your audience to stay and hang out. The more time you have with them, the better.

There are a number of interactive elements that can be included in your display. You could design and include a game that sneakily teaches your audience more about your business. Make sure to give away a prize to the winner for an incentive!

Your interactive element can also be digital. Is your company iOS app based, or do you have an awesome app you want to display? Something as simple as an iPad stand to display an interactive app is still more entertaining for a customer than reading a paragraph of printed copy.

Pamphlets can be a great informational tool, but save those for a customer takeaway. If you try to keep customers interested by reading them the same things they can read themselves, they’re going to lose interest fast. Keep it fun, fresh, and entertaining.

Include Quality Giveaways

Quality Giveaways,trade show display,free stuffIt’s just a fact: people love free stuff. Even if it ends up forgotten on the floor of their car for weeks, they remember how you made them feel when you gave them a promotional item, and guess what? They’ll rediscover it eventually, and be reminded of your business.

That’s why it’s essential to make sure all your giveaway items are branded. If they recover a beer cozy from beneath their car seat and it doesn’t have your logo and tagline on it, your money and efforts were wasted.

Try to give away promotional products that are helpful and useful. When your customer uses a product with your logo on it every day, you’re fresh in their minds all the time. Think:

  • mugs
  • stress balls for their desks at work
  • mousepads
  • reusable water bottles

Think about printing giveaway items that are frequently seen in a customer’s home as well. As long as your logo is simple and easy to look at, they won’t mind using branded products. Great examples:

  • magnets
  • calendars
  • beer cozies
  • drink ware

Giveaway items can provide a great return on your investment if you strategize!

Get to Know Your Audience

81% of attendees at trade shows have buying authority. That means you’re marketing directly toward a large majority of your target audience with your trade show display.

Get to know them. Set up a data capture method that’s easy and simple.

Designate a business card jar to forge connections with your potential customers. You could even go the extra mile and make sure to personally receive business cards in conversation, making your customers feel heard and valued.

Setting up an email capture method can help you quickly curate an email list for direct marketing. The more leads you can create, the more your business will grow- consider your trade show display as a platform for lead generation.

Let’s Get to Work on Your Trade Show Display

It can be difficult to wrap your head around all the steps necessary for creating a compelling and effective trade show display. It’s not as simple as a shade tent and a card table these days. If you go this route, you’ll lose out big growth in your business.

We can help. Get in touch to talk about your upcoming trade show. We cover every step of the way, from design all the way to dismantling at the end of the day.

You’ll drive home happy with all the new customers you gained, and have your trade show display to thank for it.

Gene Friedman
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