Trade shows have a huge amount of potential for businesses looking to promote their brand – but only with proper and thorough preparation. Such events can draw in clients and business which will keep you occupied for the next year, however, this kind of success is not guaranteed. Instead, securing a return on your investment often requires plans to be set in motion at least a few months before the trade show begins. This process begins before you even settle on an event as you look to gain the most from the time and resources that you have available.

Below you can find an infographic from Go Displays which examines how to make your trade show a success. By drawing on the advice of industry professionals and experienced trade show attendees, they’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to begin planning, how to stand out against competitors and how to secure a return on your investment whilst you are at the event. By following each step, you can create a structure for success which has been used by many experienced exhibitors in the past.

trade show success infographic


With the necessary planning complete, you can look towards a trade with far more realistic expectations. By focusing on relevant events, you will narrow your audience to a prospective client who is far more likely to be interested in your products.

Then, having diligence when designing your trade show display will help to cut unnecessary costs in the long run. Remember, you should be aiming for people who want to speak to you, not just in how fancy your display stand is.

Finally, having mechanisms in place to increase brand awareness and most importantly convert following the event is what is going to secure your success. Nowadays, handing out hundreds of business cards is no longer the simple way of getting a call back. Every other exhibitor will be doing the same thing, so ensure what you offer and what you do is unique and is going to help you to stand out against your competitors.

Lee Bierton is the marketing executive at Go Displays. They are a UK-based designer and manufacturer of exhibition stands and display stands.

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