It can be hard to find tradeshow display booth ideas that work for software companies. A lot of times every idea you have in mind has been done and overused by other brands. But there is still a lot of opportunities to impress visitors. 

Looking to promote your software company at the next trades show? Check out these great trade show display ideas for software companies. 

Decorate With Your Brand in Mind

Competition is high at the trade shows and the overwhelming atmosphere can distract visitors. An attractive vendor booth without your visual elements won’t give you an adequate edge. Emphasize your brand visuals and name with digital signage.

Look for decorating ideas for vendor booths that stamp your brand on your guests’ minds. You not only want to attract visitors but also build brand awareness. Successful vendor booth ideas attract and convert visitors and support the brand. 

Make your booth talk for your brand. Your trade show booth graphics should be brief and straight to the point. Tie graphics and the messaging to give people an instant sense of what your brand stands for and what it does. Stay relevant and straightforward to maintain intrigue.

Catch Visitor Attention

Booth designs ideas that bring out the brand are a significant step to attract visitors. But you need to do more. People have short attention spans as low as 8 seconds according to science. 

Maximize lighting to highlight your brand and enliven your booth. For example, you can integrate LED lights to stress your brand elements. Proper lighting can also make the booth interiors more attractive by emphasizing them.

One of the most decorative ideas for vendor booths to wow attendees is beacon technology. Beacons can target passersby with exciting messages to switch their attention to your booth. You can install them on custom or standard booth design ideas. 

Tell Your Brand Story 

Sharing your brand story is another compelling way to attract people to your booth. Stories are one of the expo booth ideas that can encourage people to linger and inquire about a brand. 

You can share your brand story using display boards or video walls in your designs. Digital boards can be affordable and suitable even for growing software companies. But go with video walls if you want to generate an eye-catching experience.

Use videos or displays to show and help visitors visualize using your products. Try shorter, captivating videos to capture the viewers’ attention.

You also need some social proof to help people understand and trust your brand. If attendees see proof of your products creating an impact, they become curious to learn more. Present video testimonials and reviews to earn their trust. 

Incorporate Virtual Reality 

Standing out in big trade shows can be a challenge. Incorporating virtual reality can give you a massive edge. It adds a multi-sensory experience that draws your audience and encourages engagement.

Virtual reality can consist of simple, immersive inexpensive videos. You can use it for product explainers or simple brand stories to help attendees relate to your brand. 

Despite growing accessibility, VR remains one of the unique booth ideas. Customers’ interest in VR technology is still at its peak. And this gives you a leg-up if you adopt it for your tradeshow. 

Go Live on Social Media

Social media is a great way to generate traffic for your trade booth. As much as attendees are present during the tradeshow, they’re likely to go where there’s more buzz.

Social media activity and trends can tell which booths are the talk of a tradeshow event. If your social engagement is top tier, you lead the trends and that can give you immense attention. People are more likely to visit the most popular vendor booths. 

A great way to stand out on social media is to go live. 80% of customers prefer watching live streams over reading. Going live shows off the atmosphere in real-time which helps trigger visits to your booth. 

Show off the most exciting moments in your event to your fans to make them curious and anxious to visit you. Let your attendees share their experiences in real-time. Ask your followers to join you to avoid missing out. 

Touch Displays to Attract Visitors

One trade show display idea to recommend for software companies is touch displays. Touch displays allow your visitors to experience your brand before they sign up.

Touch displays are also a dynamic and interactive way to attract and greet prospects. An interactive touch screen at your booth’s entrance can arouse passerby’s interest. It can draw them to your booth and help showcase your brand.

These displays can also allow for flexibility by increasing engagement options. The displays can accommodate games, apps, software and quizzes for higher interactions. You can customize them for more functionalities and ensure they generate many interactions. 

Add Gamification Elements to Drive Engagement

If you’re looking for successful vendor booth ideas consider gamification. Gamification sets your brand apart by adding gaming elements to your trade booth.

Proper gamification can ensure your expo booth design ideas leave a memorable impact on your audience. Gamification can boost product interest, increase brand loyalty and help you collect users’ data.

An example of gamification is a board game that gets attendees competing for a given reward. People like contests and gaming. Games generate crowds which can help attract more guests and boost your brand’s appeal. 

Include a Photo Booth

Every trade show event is a pot of new experiences. Some experiences happen once in a lifetime. And most guests will want something to hold onto to denote a great experience. 

Photo booths can also create a nostalgic experience that helps guests recall your brand. 

Plan For Your Next Successful Trade Show Display

You want your trade show investment to pay off by attracting guests and boosting sales. This can happen when your brand is the epicenter of your vendor booth idea. The best way to go about this is to put all the right elements into your trade show display.

We can help you succeed in your next trade show with our stylish yet budget-conscious trade show display systems. Check out our services to see how we can make your next display a hit.

Gene Friedman
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