Are you planning a trade show appearance? If so, then you need the right presentation. This guide explains why banner stands are a vital solution.

A trade show presents a unique and powerful opportunity for any business. it allows you to market your service or product to attendees while building interest in your brand.

However to do this, you must make the right first impression with your trade show display.

Using a high quality trade show banner can elevate your brand and draw attention to your trade show booth at the same time. Let’s look at some of the factors that you should consider when choosing the right banner for your next trade show or promotional event.


Different Types Of Banners

There are various different types of trade show banners that you can use as part of your convention display.


Retractable Banners

A retractable banner will be a practical option as you can easily set it up and fit to your available space. The retractable banner is compact for logistical purposes but can be pulled out to cover a larger area. A portable and professional solution guaranteed to catch attention as part of your pop up displays. The base is aluminum and keeps the material safe when being transported.


Double Sided Banners

Double sided banners are more expensive than single sided banners from a graphic design shop. However, they also allow you gain more attention regardless of where the stand is positioned.

hanging trade show banners


Banner Stands

If you know you are going to have a limited level of space at your trade show exhibit or near your table, banner stands can be the right option. These lightweight solutions are portable like a retractable banner. However, they can also be set up virtually anywhere and are a great choice regardless of your budget.


Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

Another option for your trade show would be a tension fabric display. This can be part of a pop up display which is immediately eye catching due to vibrant graphics and a modern aesthetic.

tension fabric displays

Pole Banners

Pole banners are hung from a pole above your trade show booth. While they can draw attention, they are more difficult to set up.


Factors To Consider When Choosing Banners For Trade Shows

There are various factors to consider when you search for right banners for your trade show or exhibits.


A trade show appearance is expensive and some banners are more expensive than others. As such, price is a top consideration. Don’t choose a banner that doesn’t fit into your budget.


As well as the price, you should also think about the different materials available for signs of banners. Banners can be made from different materials such as vinyl. Vinyl banners are a durable option for signage and as such, can be used at multiple trade shows. These are also available at a low cost. Various different types of graphic design can also be printed on this fabric material.

Custom Or Pre-Made

You may also want to explore both custom and pre-made banner stands. Custom banner stands can be designed with any graphic including your brand logo or unique message. However, more basic banners can still be eye-catching and look fantastic. They are also available at a low cost which may be more suitable for your company budget.


It’s also important to choose the right supplier of a trade show banner that will be a key part of your marketing campaign.

You can call various companies to get quotes from various companies to find the best service at the a low cost. Make sure that you ask about the services that they offer and the benefits they provide. For instance, some companies will provide free shipping on products they sell.

Make sure that you do check the reviews of different companies which other customers have left on the business website and other resources. This will provide an honest impression of what you can expect when ordering a sign from a specific business.

The best supplier will also offer various customer support options. You should be able to contact the company by phone, email and live chat to discuss a specific feature of your banner order.


Consider the size of banner that you need for your trade show. This will depend on whether you are using it to draw attention to a table or a booth on the trade show floor. You may also want to think about the level of space that will be available to you for marketing at trade show events. Larger banner displays can also be used as impressive backdrops.

These professional backdrops add an eye catching element to your marketing strategy and immediately draw attention from customers or attendees.


If a supplier is going to ship your product, make sure that it will arrive at your event or trade show when you need it. If you don’t have the materials you need as part of your trade show display, it can limit your campaign.

Extra Features

Some companies are more helpful than others. They may provide a frame for your banner and could also offer a complete advertising package. You should always check to see if a company can provide you with more value when marketing your brand.

Design Options

Make sure that you explore what graphic design options available and type of image that can be added to the fabric of the banner. This could include a photo or a custom designed graphic. Remember, the best banners will feature unique element specific to your brand and that match the style of your company.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key factors that you should consider when choosing banners for your trade show show displays and why they are useful. If you need a banner for a pop up display at a trade show or exhibit, we can provide a range of high quality options for you to choose from. These are guaranteed to impress any customer and ensure you stand out at your next exhibit. Call us to speak to a member of our team today.

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