Modular Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are one of the best ways to get the word out about your business, what you do, and your mission. They drive engagement and can boost sales long-term.

To be successful, though, you need the right equipment. And that’s where trade show displays come into the picture. These modular exhibits make it easy for brands to create self-contained booths for maximum impact while separating themselves from everyone else.


What Is A Modular Trade Show Display?

Modular displays are a cost-effective option for firms looking for a space to market at a trade show. They feature everything brands need to exhibit their products and services at an event, including kiosks, chairs, flooring, display areas, and even TV screens.

Because every brand is different, trade show display vendors recommend custom modular designs. With these, brands can mix and match various components and graphics to create booths that faithfully and accurately reflect their values and mission. Modular elements can be swapped in and out, and rearranged for various events, depending on marketing requirements.

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Types Of Modular Trade Show Displays

There are two main types of modular exhibits available.



Off-the-shelf modular trade show displays come as standard. Vendors typically offer dozens of basic layouts letting you choose the one that best meets your brand’s needs.

These ready-to-go solutions tend to be considerably more affordable than their customizable counterparts. However, they don’t give you the same degree of flexibility to showcase your business.


Custom Trade Show Booths

By contrast, custom modular trade show displays are fully adjustable to your needs. Vendors let businesses alter and adapt fundamental design elements to fit their brand. Panels are custom-made and the quality can be higher. However, they come at a price, and that may be outside your budget.


Why Choose Custom Modular Displays?

Custom modular trade show displays offer a host of benefits compared to other marketing methods. They also come in a variety of sizes with 10×010 modular displays being some of the most popular, followed by 10×20 displays.


System-Based Solutions

A modular display is a systems-based solution. Your brand can reconfigure it based on your needs across multiple venues. This way, you can adapt your setup to the available space requirements instead of having to use a different display for every event. For instance, you might have large configurations for trade shows that offer a lot of space or small ones for more cramped venues.

The ability to configure also lets you adjust your display based on what you are exhibiting. For instance, you might want extra storage if you are looking to sell real products at a trade show, or you might need extra floor space if you want to showcase a large concept product, like a new vehicle

modular trade show displays.

Environmentally Friendly

Building a new trade show booth at every venue is environmentally costly and goes against many firms’ desires to go green. Fortunately, custom modular displays are made of lightweight, recyclable aluminum, allowing you to use them over and over again and worry less about their impact on the environment.


Improved Design

When you buy a custom modular booth for a trade show, you get a superior design. Instead of the cookie-cutter booth, you get something that falls inline with your company’s imaging. What’s more, because components are customizable, you can change your display as your brand evolves. You don’t need to go out and buy new equipment all the time.



Custom show exhibits are also highly portable. When the day is over, you simply break them down into their component parts and then store them away conveniently until the next event.



You could set up a generic display (or just a simple table) at your next show, but that would look unprofessional. Having quality graphics and design at trade shows makes you stand out from the competition and gives customers confidence in your business.



Modular trade show displays also help you control costs. Instead of spending money on new exhibits, you can build up a collection of basic materials that you can reuse at different events.

Again, what’s great about modular displays is that they are designed with change in mind. Even if you adjust your branding or want to scale your enterprise, your trade show booth can adapt, a feature that’s ideal for any business on a budget.

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When you are exhibiting often, you need durable displays that can survive the installation process repeatedly. That’s why most custom modular display vendors use high-quality aluminum components and fabric. Not only do they fit together easily, but they also have longevity, often lasting a decade or more.


Ways You Can Customize Your Booth

You can customize modular exhibits in several ways.


Add Counters

Adding a counter or island is a great way to engage customers and seek sales opportunities. You can outfit them with custom graphics or use them to give speeches, serve refreshments or perform sales transactions. Most counters and islands come with helpful internal storage – great for keeping the rest of your exhibit looking clean.


Multimedia Features

Multimedia features, such as large monitors and TV displays, are a great way to attract interest and get eyeballs on your brand. Modular displays come with mounts for hanging screens and other items from your walls. Because of the strong structural foundation, you can add as many of these as you want.

You can also add truss accessories, including hanging racks, tabletops, and wire racks. These are great for when you want to scale your exhibit for different venues.



Adding a kiosk is a great idea when you want to create a separate area for your modular exhibit. Brands use them for interactive demos, product tasting, and educational purposes. You can also use them as photo booths or for massage experiences.



Modular displays are one of the best outreach tools. And from a non-branding perspective, they make a lot of sense. They reduce costs for firms that exhibit regularly, they improve branding recognition, and they can be a great way to generate dozens of leads without breaking the bank.



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