While the shift towards digital marketing has been undeniable, trade shows remain one of the few offline opportunities that can drive awareness, leads, and conversions to transform the future of your business. However, the desired results can only be achieved when you are supported by the right equipment and facilities. Trade show counters should be one of the top items on your agenda.

This quick guide will answer all of your key questions about trade show counters and pedestals, including but not limited to;

  • What are trade show counters?
  • How can trade show pedestals benefit your trade show display?
  • What features can trade show counters include?
  • How can you find the best trade show counters?


What are trade show counters and pedestals?

Trade show counters, pedestals, and podiums are freestanding display units that can sit front and center of your trade show exhibition to become your temporary reception. They are available in a wide range of shapes and styles, including both seated and standing configurations, and can be fully customized to match your brand.

trade show counters and pedestals

They can be designed to suit both indoor and outdoor trade show events and serve several functions for your business, such as;

  • Provide additional branding and a professional appearance – first impressions in business are 94% visual.
  • Have a reception area that can be used to engage with clients – either individually or by giving a public demonstration.
  • Deliver a place for lead generation and contact capture – 85% of B2B marketers state this as their number one goal.


In short, trade show counters form a key component of any trade show event, regardless of whether it’s a B2B or B2X setting.


Why have trade show counters at your event?

America’s trade show event industry was worth $15.7bn in 2019. While there was a two-year slump due to the pandemic, normality has now returned and businesses can embrace them to achieve stunning results. Both B2B and B2C clients are now particularly responsive to human interactions and real-world events. Your trade show booth and counters can play a key role.


A trade show counter can provide a wide range of benefits for visitors and your employees alike. Some of the key features are;

  • Visitors will see the counter as a reception area and instantly know where to go if they require extra info about the product or business.
  • Guests gain added privacy if they are making an order or receiving a consultation about how the product(s) can help them.
  • Workers can stay comfortable and organized when working long hours at the trade show event.


Furthermore, most guests will expect to see a trade show counter or reception area of some kind at your pop-up trade show stall. When utilized well, it can transform your display unit into a genuine temporary store where you can provide promotional displays, one-to-one interactions, and handle transactions in style.


What features do successful trade show counters include?

Over 90% of trade show attendees are there to actively learn more about products and services. If a trade show exhibit display can help you influence their decision in any shape or form, it is an opportunity that you cannot afford to turn down.

trade show display counters

Customized trade show counters can take many designs. Therefore you must first ask yourself the following questions;

  • What are the company goals for the trade show?
  • How can the trade show counter integrate with other features?
  • How will different options and features impact the budget?


With this in mind, you may wish to consider the following key features when having your custom trade show counters designed and manufactured:


Style and dimensions

First and foremost, you must think about what the trade show counter will be used for (presentations, client consultations, etc.) as well as the size of your trade show pitch. While the reception area should be a key feature, it mustn’t overwhelm the space or cause claustrophobic vibes.


Locking counters and pedestals are available in several sizes with oval and rectangular shapes being the most common. Intricate designs include curved counters, L-shaped counters, and three-tiered display octagons.


Branding style

First impressions can make or break your hopes of securing a sale or lead at your trade show event. As one of the stand out features, your trade show counter must look the part. For starters, the color schemes must match your branding and suit the surrounding backdrop of your trade show stand.


portable trade show counters


You may want a sophisticated option with backlit logos. Alternatively, you may opt for a wavy shape to create an eye-catching vibe that reflects your brand image. Any fabric covers could include imagery or focus solely on the logo. The choices are endless.



Trade show counters offer many benefits, including private places for client interactions and a clear point of contact. For workers, however, it is also a place to store key items without distracting guests or creating a cluttered vibe. For example, promotional materials and freebies can be kept on the shelving.


You do not want your team to keep running out to the truck every few minutes. Meanwhile, the choice between a seated or standing position can change the entire atmosphere of a promotional display or one-to-one interaction.


Tech integrations

Trade show stands should look to capture a guest’s attention and keep them engaged. Tech integrations like monitors allow you to play promotional videos or other content on a loop to keep people informed and engaged throughout the day. It also gives your company a highly professional image.


trade show center towers


Other tech integrations can include having tablets fixed to the counter. They can subsequently be used for lead capture purposes, to provide further information, or complete a transaction. Ultimately, this feeds into your goal of a boosted bottom line.


How to make the most of your trade show counters

If you are planning to start using trade show marketing once more, finding the right trade show counters will give you a better shot at success. They’re cost-effective, customizable, and capable of making a big impression. Better still, they can be used time and time again.


Whether you have a clear vision of what you want the trade show podium to look like or not, it’s important that it is designed and manufactured by a team of experts who will deliver the best results for your trade show display. Infinity Exhibits offers a wide range of styles, all of which can be customized with your branding, to bring your trade show endeavors to life.

To find out more or begin the process of designing your trade show counter, get in touch or request a quote today.

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