It’s your first year signing up for a trade show and although you once had plenty of time, it seems that the date is right around the corner. Because it’s your first time participating in a trade show, or even if it’s your second or third, you’re not sure how to create a trade show booth design that’ll blow attendees away.

Even if you haven’t participated in one before, you know what you’re up against. You know some of the biggest names and some of your biggest competitors will be there. Other businesses with more experience than you will be setting up their booths and “wowing” the crowds.

You’ve found yourself in a rush to know all of the basic dos and don’ts of trade show booth design, and we’re here to help. Below is our guide on everything you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to designing your own booth. Continue reading for more!

The Importance of an Effective Design

Your trade show booth design can be the difference between trade-show success and failure. If you create an effective design, you’ll bring in new customers and build your network as well. You’ll also inform attendees about your brand and why it’s as great as it is.

The Dos

There are plenty of things that you should do when designing your trade show booth. Doing all of the right things will help you with your trade-show success and are as follows:

A Simple and Clear Message

When you’re creating a trade show booth, less is more. Don’t try to place fancy slogans all over your booth and believe that attendees will find any value in this. Instead, create a simple and clear message that explains what you’re selling without room for question.

Think of one clear message that you want all of your customers to know and use this. Then, display your message in a font size that’s large enough to be seen across the way.

Showcase Your Top Sellers

As much as you’d love to show off all of your wonderful products, you’ll need to choose your top sellers and stick with these for your trade show booth. You could also consider bringing in some new products as well to help give them a liftoff. Bringing in all of your products will clutter your booth.

It’ll also overwhelm your visitors and take away from what your overall important message is.

A Private Seating Area

If given enough space, make sure to create a private seating area with a table and chairs. This area will come in handy when attendees want to discuss more about your business. When people are interested, you can direct them to the seating area where they can then get comfortable.

When your potential customers are comfortable, they might be more likely to stick around a bit longer, learn more about your business, and possibly become a new customer.

Offer Snacks

Offering snacks is a great way to call attention to your booth. However, there is a right and wrong way to do so. When placing snacks on your table, ensure that the snacks are easy to eat and don’t create a huge mess.

For example, you can have a small bowl with individually-wrapped chocolates. A nearby trashcan is always a great idea so attendees can throw away the wrappers. Some small and simple like this will keep interested attendees satisfied while speaking to you and keep hungry freeloaders away.

A Visible Display

You want your display to be as visible as possible from anywhere in the venue. This is the best way to ensure all attendees see your booth. The best areas to make it visible from are the bathrooms and the food court.

As people make their way to and from these areas, they’ll be in a browsing state of mind and if they see your booth’s display, they might begin to head over to you.

The Don’ts

The don’ts in trade show design are just as important if not more important to know than the dos. When creating your booth design, be sure to avoid these don’ts!

Overdoing It

Don’t place too much information on your display. Overdoing it will turn attendees away from your booth rather than pulling them in. Use clear and to-the-point messages.

Your font should also be a clear font, don’t feel like you need to get fancy. Simple is best.

Not Incorporating Media

If you don’t incorporate some type of media into your display, then there won’t be that “wow” factor that pulls people in. Anything that moves will attract people to your booth. You can consider using a looping DVD clip that relates to your business.

There are media accessories available to make this possible!

Blending In

You want to stick out in a crowd. Creating a similar design as your competition will cause you to blend into the trade show. Don’t blend in!

Come up with different giveaway and design ideas that haven’t been used before. You might feel tempted to stick with the same type of display that your competition has because you’re new to the game, but now is your chance to shine! Be different and attendees will be intrigued.

Your Success Relies on Your Trade Show Booth Design!

The success that your business sees during a trade show relies on your trade show booth design! Be sure to follow these tips listed above for the best outcome.

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