Did you know that around 81% of the attendees in trade shows have buying authority? That gives you all the more reason to attract people to your booth.

However, we know that even with a huge crowd, it can be hard to get people to stop and stay at your booth. You have a lot of competition, so you have to offer the guests something worth their attention. You need some unique vendor booth ideas to make you stand out.

If you’re pressed for fun vendor booth ideas, keep on reading. We’ll teach you how you can make your booth inviting.

1. Invite Guests to Relax

Conferences and tradeshows are exhausting for everyone – vendor or visitor. It’s often hot, crowded, and overall uncomfortable. 

With this in mind, why not offer a relaxing atmosphere?

Put some lounge chairs, free candies, and free drinks. Decorate your booth in a way that it will look like an oasis in a desert. 

A homey environment also is a good way to showcase your products and services, especially if they’re related to indoors. If you provide cleaning services, for instance, you can have your booth exhibit how relaxing and peaceful it is to relax in a clean house. 

2. Bring the Outdoors In

If the event is indoors, a good idea to make your booth stand out is to mimic the outdoors feel. Bring lots of greeneries, maybe get a backdrop of a nice view, and use some wood elements. Don’t forget to use good lighting to create a warm, sunny environment in your booth. 

This creates a refreshing feel that the guests will feel gravitated to. That’s because nature makes us feel better; being more in touch with it can make us feel happier. With an outdoors themed booth, you can provide this kind of comfort even for a moment. 

3. Do Something Big

An easy way to catch the attention of a crowd is to go big. Whether it’s a giant sculpture over your booth, a gigantic TV screen, huge trade show signage, or even enormous things like cute stuffed animals, it’s sure to gain a massive interest among the crowd. 

You don’t even have to stick to what’s already available. You can get creative and make a normal object huge. Something like a huge gumball machine — like what Google did at CES 2018 — would be a huge hit. 

4. Go Virtual

It’s not often that people get to try out the latest tech, so if you can incorporate it into your booth, you can attract people this way. That said, virtual reality is one of the most interesting tech things right now. 

VR is in use in a lot of industries, including real estate wherein you can explore the home without stepping out of yours. There’s no doubt you can apply it to your business, too. 

Car brands, for instance, would provide a virtual experience for visitors. This would allow them to test a car without having to drive an actual one. 

5. Provide Photo Ops

Set aside a spot in your booth where guests can stop and take selfies. Get a fun background and some props related to your business. You can even hire a cute mascot for them to pose with. 

You can either hire a photographer or not – people will take pictures, anyway. With the former, you can print out branded pictures and even magnetic photos that the visitors can take home. With the latter, they will be able to post it on social media so you can ask them to use your brand hashtag. 

6. Hold a Contest

People love free things and even more so if they win them. Aside from the regular swag your booth is going to give out, give away some cool items, too. Hold a guessing game, a raffle, or anything that would make the visitors interested. 

Bigger booths in bigger conferences give away items like a brand new car or the latest iPhone. You don’t have to spend on something big like this, but the bigger the more people you can attract to your booth. Remember – joining the contest itself is already a fun activity for the attendees. 

7. Get a Live Music

Another way you can generate interest in your booth is by hiring a live band to play music. It will set you apart from the generic sounds coming from the other booths. 

The entertaining value of live music is high, and you can ride on that to get consumers to feel good about your booth. If they’re happy, they’ll be more inclined to see what else you have to offer in your booth. 

Furthermore, people flock naturally to things like live music. While they’re there, you can then invite them inside your booth. 

8. Keep an Eye on the Trends

When thinking of vendor booth ideas, look at what’s trending today. Then, see if you can somehow incorporate that in your booth. Is there a musician, TV show, meme, or anything popular today?

If it’s NBA season, for example, you can put some basketball hoops in your booth. You can turn it into a game where the attendees can win some prizes. 

A real-life example is what Cadillac did in NAIAS 2018. They allowed visitors to experience carpool karaoke when it was at its peak of popularity using only a green screen. 

9. Remember the Before and After

Don’t ignore the before and after of the event. Even before it starts, you can hype up people to visit your booth by promising games, free ice cream, and such.

If you’re hiring a musician, you can also use that to promote the booth. It’s your choice whether you want to spill the name early or if you want it to be a surprise. 

If permitting, you can also invite guests to something like an afterparty. Throw a fun and exciting party where you can also connect with your audience. 

Stay True to Your Brand Amidst These Vendor Booth Ideas

With all these vendor booth ideas, remember to stick to your brand. They’re of no use if the guests can’t even remember your brand at the end of the day. Successful vendor booth ideas are those that give you results other than the visitor count.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you pick up even more techniques and tips. To learn more, you can contact us today

Gene Friedman
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