Beat the Competition with These 8 Tips!

The trade show industry is huge, with more than $13 billion in annual revenue. And trade shows are more popular than ever, with growth of about 2 percent in each of the past five years, according to a recent market research report.

With so much potential for visibility, it makes sense to maximize your trade show presence. Use these eight tips to stay ahead of your competition and keep customers and prospective customers flocking to your booth year after year.

Make your booth fun
This is one of the most important tips for keeping people coming back. Interactive games and toys can get people buzzing about you. And don’t forget candy and other enticing snacks!

Get to know affiliates
Meeting prospective customers isn’t the only way to get leads at a trade show. Developing relationships with industry affiliates and other vendors also can give your business a boost.

Get your brand working for you
You’ve invested in corporate colors, logo and other distinctive graphics to brand your business. Don’t forget to put them to work for you at trade shows by incorporating them into your booth, employee clothing and any handouts or giveaways.

Kick off a new product or service
Trade shows are perfect for announcing your newest product; generate buzz and get people visiting your booth with a newsworthy unveiling.

Get on clients’ calendars
Make sure your clients know you’ll be at a show and try to set up a breakfast, cocktails or other time to get together. Invite them to visit your booth, and make sure you have staff reinforcements so you can take a few minutes to network.

Plan compelling giveaways
You know those bags people carry around at trade shows? They’re for collecting goodies, and your booth should have some! Just about every booth offers a plethora of cheap stuff, but even that encourages people to stop by. Make your giveaway a cut above and reap the benefits.

Schedule a demo session
Live demonstrations get people visiting your booth; they also provide you with valuable feedback by letting you watch the real-time reactions of prospective customers.

Follow up quickly
After the show, don’t let your leads get cold. Set aside some time within a day or two of arrival back home to place personal calls to your hottest prospects and personal e-mails to everyone who stopped by.

Trade shows can constitute a significant portion of your marketing budget. Work strategically to maximize your investment by setting up time with clients and affiliates, announcing a new product, making use of your corporate identity — and, most importantly, creating a fun experience. To make the most of your trade show investment, think about working with professionals like those at Infinity Exhibits.


Gene Friedman
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