It’s time to take it to the next level. It’s now or never.

Your business has needed an extra boost for a while, but you’ve been stuck on what exactly to do. You’ve tried Instagram posts, distributing flyers, and talking to locals, but nothing has done the trick.

You should consider a trade show. Trade shows can take your business to the next level and are a great way to network within your industry. 

Below are 7 ways trade shows can boost your business. Don’t believe us? Keep reading, and you’ll be convinced. 

1. Show Your New Product

Have you been working on something great? Are you unsure on how to present it to the world? Stop worrying, and keep reading. 

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to introduce a new product or service to the world.

Create a booth focusing around the new product, and place your other products strategically around the highlighted product. 

The launched product will draw people in, and all the other things you offer will urge people to stay and look around. As they come in to see just what’s going on, make sure to chat with them.

To best prepare for the launch, create an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a short and persuasive speech you give to introduce what you’re selling. Make sure it seems casual and unforced. 

2. Draw in the Locals

A promised way to grow your small business is to win over the locals. They are the backbone of your success. Once you build these crucial relationships, things will become easier.

Trade shows not only draw in local businesses, but they draw in the people who support these businesses. They either support them with money and/or time. 

To make sure you draw them in, prepare an outstanding table display with an even better display booth. Your product could be outstanding, but they won’t know that unless you draw them in to tell them. 

Once locals start checking out your booth, have an authentic conversation with them. Ask them about their local preferences and find a segue to introduce your product or service. 

3. Build Business Relationships

One of the top benefits of trade shows is the large amount of networking you can accomplish. You’ll be surrounded by tons of other businesses and owners.

People from the different businesses will not only be at their booth, but they’ll be floating around to explore what’s happening in the world around them. Make sure to have stacks of business cards on deck.

You can also do research on some of the attending businesses beforehand. 

Bring a few extra of your top employees to the trade show with you. Have them walk around and scope out businesses you could potentially work with. 

Talk to other businesses about creating deals with each other. You could even talk to some about creating a block party together. Who doesn’t love promoting during a fun party?

4. Grow Your Email List

Creating a database of loyal customers can boost your business in no time. One thing loyal customers love is being some of the first people to receive big news and major sales. 

Have a way at your booth for people to provide their email. Set up iPads with customer surveys, or ask them to write their email down on a provided slip of paper. 

Once you have their emails, enter them into a list of people who will be the first to receive notifications of sales and products. Create eye-catching advertisements on the emails, but make sure not to spam them.

If you email too much, people will start to unsubscribe. Only email about what’s important and keep it concise. 

5. Smile, You’re on Camera

Something owners don’t often think about when attending trade shows is all of the free media. Local outlets and newspapers will be in attendance to capture the hustle and bustle of it all.

This is just another reason to make sure plenty of time and effort has been put into your display booth. You never know what it’s going to end up on in this digital age.

You also never know who these photos and videos can attract.

Before going, make sure to go over personal grooming and outfit guidelines with your attending staff. Always putting your best foot forward will pay off when cameras are around!

If you want to go the extra mile, create themed outfits or new shirts specifically for the occasion. People will notice the effort.

6. Sale Onsite

Many people attending trade shows go to trade shows to buy products. As people are checking out your booth, never assume they are their simply to look. Talk to them like you’re trying to sale.

Onsite purchases are crucial in the success of a trade show. It can also give you an in-person look at what locals are interested in as far as what you offer. Take time to observe how people react.

If you think people won’t want to purchase large quantities of your product, create smaller sample sized they can purchase only at the trade show.

By telling them they will only get a certain deal onsite, they are more likely to buy.

7. Spread Awareness

Even if people aren’t necessarily buying your product trade shows, don’t be completely discouraged. You’re putting yourself out there, gaining a reputation within the business realm, and gaining exposure!

By setting up a booth, talking to people, and showing face, locals will remember you for the future. Other businesses will also remember you for the future. 

Sometimes just seeing a product at one moment can lead to a big sale down the road. Make sure you leave people with a good impression. 

Benefits of Trade Shows

As you can see above, there are tons of benefits to trade shows. They are a way to locally gain exposure and introduce your products to potential consumers.

Make sure your display booth looks great and your staff is properly trained to sell and have a conversation. Check your shirt collar, put on your best smile, and smile for the cameras!

If you need trade show tips, new displays, or have any questions, make sure to check out our site and contact us

Gene Friedman
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