On average, global trade show venue space has grown an average of 1.2 percent each year since 2011. More space can mean more competition vying for the attention of attendees. If you want to captivate them, you need some new booth ideas for events.

Sometimes, small changes can be what you need. Other times, you may need a complete revamp with new, big ideas that change the game. We’re here to help you with those big ideas.

We’re offering some of the best ideas that can refocus your approach and net you more success at every show. Read on to learn how to switch things up this year!

Get Creative with Lighting

At a trade show, you don’t need to be at the mercy of the harsh fluorescents overhead. Use your lighting to draw the eye and showcase elements of your booth.

For example, a well-placed light can act as a spotlight on a certain product, making it look enticing.

Another tactic is using lighting that moves, which will draw the eye. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard and scare people away. But a flash of colored lights or a spinning disco ball can grab attention from across the room and make people want to know what your booth is all about.

Want a more subtle approach to lighting? Large, backlit images can stand out in the crowd without looking over-the-top. If you have nice images, illuminating them will only make them stand out more.

Bring Nature Indoors

Most trade shows take place in spaces with no windows. The lighting is all artificial, and there’s not a plant in sight.

In this artificial environment, a touch of nature (whether real or artificial) can draw people to your booth. You could add a grass “carpet,” drape your booth with “vines” of faux flowers or even bring a few real plants in for the occasion.

This green oasis will keep people at your booth longer. It may even make for some great photo ops.

Create a Selfie Station

With photo ops in mind, why not take it to the next level with a complete selfie station?

Brands often view trade shows in light of the results they can get. But for attendees, the trade show is an experience in itself, not just a means to an end. Make that experience memorable, and they’ll keep your brand in mind.

A selfie station allows people to capture an image of your brand, which will remind them about it long after the show ends. Make sure your brand’s name is visible in the backdrop to get the most from this effect.

Another great effect of this tactic is that it gets people sharing your brand on social media. You can also suggest a hashtag for people to add to their posts, so you can view them all later. This lets you create a source of consumer-generated content, so you can post about the trade show in ways that will interest your followers.

Add Video

As social media stats show, people love video. Video is one of our favorite booth ideas for events because it’s inexpensive, yet eye-catching.

Before the show, make a short, looping video presentation about your brand. Then, display it on large screens at the show.

From afar, the motion of the video will catch people’s eyes. Up close, the video lets them learn more about your brand quickly, which frees you up to answer questions about the details, rather than the basics.

Make It Move

Video is one way to add motion to your booth. However, you can also take it to the next level by adding kinetic elements to your booth.

Unexpected motion will stand out in a crowded room of booths. Can you incorporate a surprising product demo into your booth? How about a spinning neon sign or dancing mascot?

There are countless ways to infuse your booth with motion, and many of them can grab attention even better than the video does.

Use the Five Senses

As you can now see, invoking the senses is a great way to revamp your trade show booth.

Sure, every booth involves visuals of some sort. However, added tactics like motion further engage the sense of sight. To stand out, though, it’s good to add elements that engage the other senses, too.

Smell and taste aren’t ideal senses to focus on here, since users may have allergies or sensitivities. However, you can engage the sense of hearing by playing fun music. Or, you could allow touch with an interactive part of your exhibit, such as a sample product that visitors can hold.

Add Interactive Demos

You can delve even further into touch with demos that users can take part in.

Depending on your brand, there are many ways to do this. For example, a brand involved in food or cookware could have a mini demo kitchen where those who stop by can help demo products.

Your demos could involve a single volunteer from the audience, or they could be free-for-alls that anyone can join in, depending on the nature of your business. When you make things interactive, you get people to stay at your booth longer and give them something to remember later.

Remember, demos don’t have to be complex to be interactive. For example, if you sell home goods, your demo could be a relaxing “home” space where visitors can sit down and enjoy your products for a few minutes.

Ready to Try These Booth Ideas for Events?

If you’ve been treating your booth like a middle-school science fair, with text displays and static elements, it’s time for an upgrade. These booth ideas take things to the next level. Creativity and technology will help you get the attention you want at your next show.

How you implement these ideas is up to you, but you should consider one or more of them to upgrade your booth this year. However, the foundation of these ideas is always a great booth design. Without a well-designed booth, the most innovative ideas can’t work.

Looking for inspiration or a new booth design? Check out these clever design ideas to get started!

Gene Friedman
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