Setting up a dedicated, physical advertisement at an event can mean serious business success.

With customers looking for businesses like yours and the opportunity to flex your products/services at full potential, what other advertising opportunity could be better?

Of course, this doesn’t mean that any old booth will suffice.

In reality, great decorating ideas for expo booths are key to letting your business stand out from others around you.

Continue reading to learn more! We’ll give you six eye-catching decorating ideas that are bound to bring more customers to your booth, and ultimately your business.

1. Touch Displays

If you want to engage with your audience, adding touch displays for your expo booth is one of many great display ideas. Not only does this modernize your business, but it also allows people to have at least an indirect experience with your products/services without commitment.

Make sure your touch displays are in plain sight to entice potential customers. This way, you can provide a two-way street for your brand and its customers to interact with each other and secure a relationship early on.

But what should your touch displays actually show? This depends on your brand, but touch displays are generally well-suited for companies dealing with software in tech. These sorts of businesses include:

  • Video games
  • Social media platforms
  • Innovative apps

However, even businesses that don’t explicitly deal with tech can use touch screens. Sleek slideshows and interactive video introductions to your business’s products/services could result in high engagement from your audience!

2. Charismatic Representative

Now, this can mean a variety of things. If you’ve got an employee that’s charismatic, extroverted, and thoroughly understands your brand story, then they should be one of the first faces your customers see.

This will provide a warm welcome to many people, who will make an immediate association between positivity and your brand. With good social skills, they’ll even keep customers sticking around the booth for longer while informing them further about what makes your business special.

3. Fun and Games

Your business can add a touch of entertainment to the mix by incorporating games and fun activities! This is even truer for businesses and/or exposition events that cater to a family-friendly demographic.

Raffles, spin-the-wheel, and even photo booths can attract many customers, even if they wouldn’t be too interested in your brand otherwise. This way, they’ll stick around enough to engage with your brand and give it even more time to impress them and potentially gain their customer loyalty.

Through these games and activities, you can even offer branded merchandise. This way, they’ll keep tangible items from your brand at home, offering a consistent reminder of your brand.

Just make sure that your entertainment section, whatever it may be, doesn’t add an eyesore to your booth. You want to incorporate it seamlessly with a minimal design that also impresses any onlookers.

4. Great Color Scheme

A great way to cement your brand imaging is by using an eye-catching design. Aesthetics shouldn’t be the only thing you focus on in terms of your brand, but it should be something you pay attention to nonetheless. It can help provoke your audience’s attention but also keep it for the long term.

Part of constructing this design involves colors. If your brand already has a great color scheme, then you’re already on the right track. In that case, distributing these colors throughout your booth can help people pay attention to your brand.

But either way, it’s a good idea to employ some basic principles of color psychology. If utilizing your brand’s colors prevents that, you might benefit from compromising full utility just a tad to appeal to your customers. Using color psychology for brands without a strong color scheme can also be hugely beneficial.

For example, contrast can help individual colors stand out. Some colors provide great contrast with each other, while others might look muddy together. Certain color combinations are also more flattering against each other while others simply clash.

However, it’s also good to neutralize your color scheme when needed. Too much color might be too jarring for customers, especially if you’ve already got a lot going on. Either way, keeping color psychology in mind can help you attract the attention of many potential customers.

5. Graphic Panels

How invested are you in amping up your exhibition display? Using graphic panels will provide a crucial flashiness to your booth and allow you to use graphic attractions more visually.

This is a great way to put your branding front and center where customers won’t miss it. Once again, brand imaging is crucial, and large graphics are bound to secure this advantage.

Graphic panels can also be used hand in hand with interactive elements of your booth. They can also be used multiple times before they show signs of needing replacement.

6. Plenty of Lighting

What’s the point of having a great booth when customers can’t see what’s going on with it? Even if you’ve got a lot of bright graphics floating around, you want to ensure that everything you want to be seen is able to be seen.

This means shining light on your products and other information sources that explain your brand’s story and products/services. Customers will generally also want to walk around without bumping into anyone else. For this reason, it’s important to intersperse simple LED lighting throughout the store.

Turn Heads With These Decorating Ideas for Expo Booths!

Having the opportunity to advertise your brand at a huge event is a big deal. But whether this is your first or twelfth time using an expo booth at an event, it can only help the results of your efforts to make your booth look even better.

At Infinity Exhibits, we offer installation services for any business wanting to set up an expo booth. Not only that, but we also use fantastic decorating ideas for expo booths so that you get the best return for your investment! So if you’re interested, contact us today to get started!

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