5 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS to Be at Trade Shows (Infographic)

Trade show events, exhibitions and conventions are a huge business!  How huge?  Direct spending at trade shows in the U.S. alone accounts for $33.7 Billion.  But that’s not the main reason why your business, no matter how small, should be attending and exhibiting at trade shows.  Here are 5 reasons:

1.  It’s Cost Effective – you can market your brand and sell products at the same time.  Even small companies can stand out at trade shows.

2. Directly Target Interested Customers – You have face-to-face time with potential clients and you can establish a customer base right on the spot.

3. Generate New Audience Appeal – Perfect platform to launch recently developed products.  Customers made in-person can last a lifetime.

4. Giveaways – You can always stay in the mind of a potential client by simply giving them something useful, like pens, notepads, hats, or t-shirts with you brand on them!

Of course, an attractive booth  displays activate the brain’s visual functions and draw in more customers!

Carlos A. Espitia

Chief Marketing Strategist at CAE Marketing & Consulting, Inc.
Carlos is a digital marketing consultant with 18 years of proven internet marketing experience, and a self-proclaimed "data nerd". His digital marketing agency, CAE Marketing & Consulting focuses on SEO & PPC management, as well as conversion rate optimization. He has worked as a marketing consultant for small and large businesses alike.
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