Do you want to make a great first impression of your brand on your first trade show? Do you plan on joining a trade show to help your start-up gain momentum? Are you looking for unique booth design ideas that can give your start-up the boost it needs? 

Despite our post-pandemic world, many new businesses are still emerging. Most are start-ups focused on home improvement, gaming, pet products, and more. However, this also means that businesses in those industries are gaining more competition.

Joining trade shows is a great way to get an edge on your competition. Below is a list of outstanding trade show ideas you can use for your booth. Read on to learn more.

1. Booth Design Ideas: Man the Biggest Booth 

The size of your booth doesn’t have to take up more space than other booths for it to be the “biggest.” Sometimes, all you need is a bigger feature. Take Google’s giant gumball machine display at CES 2018, for example. 

Use the same creative idea and catch everyone’s attention with your booth feature or display. Try hiring a nine-foot-tall mecha cosplay or presenting a life-sized gingerbread house. Be creative with your oversized gimmick, but don’t forget to present substance. 

2. Create an Interactive and Informative Space

One way to increase the value of your booth in a trade show is to be informative. Create a space where the guests can sit down and get educated for a short while. Don’t stop at showing them your products or services.

Let them get immersed in the learning experience further. Give them time to work with the product or learn about how your services work. Don’t forget to show them the values you’ve built your brand upon.

3. Adopt a Virtual Approach

No matter what type of business you have, you can always find a way to go with a virtual approach. You can use virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). Give potential customers a memorable experience by letting them see what it’s like to be in your world.

If you do it right, you may even see a line forming for your kiosk. Who doesn’t want to be a part of the trendiest booth in the trade show? Using VR and/or AR also gives people a sign that you’re a tech-savvy business. 

4. Make It Eye-Catching

You don’t need a big booth design budget to create striking visuals or eye-catching displays. You only need a good booth design in mind and a way to make it happen. Use elements like lighting, color choices, and technology to your advantage.

One of the top benefits of trade shows is that you get to create a network with others in the industry. With an eye-catching and memorable booth, you’re sure to make an impression on everyone. If you present your brand in the best way, a lot of people will consider doing business with you.

5. Stay Simple

Another way to stand out from the competition is to use a simple yet artistic design. A minimalist presentation for your booth will stand out from the flashy competition. A simple design also makes it easier to follow pandemic compliance measures

Simplicity doesn’t mean that your booth will be plain and boring. You can use minimalism in different booth designs and remain elegant despite it. If you’re unsure, hire an expert to help you get a simple and clear message across.

6. Seat Guests With Modern Furniture 

Trade shows can put a lot of stress on the guests’ feet and legs. Offer them a place to sit down and rest their feet and recharge. It’s one way to show your guests that you care for their health.

While they rest, take that time to tell them about your products or services. Use modern furniture that makes smart use of the space that you have. You can also boost your trade show booth by including a charging station for your guests’ devices. 

If you do this at all the trade shows you attend, guests will start looking for your brand. They’ll remember your hospitality and care. 

7. Inspire Awe in Guests Using Illusion 

It’s easier to create illusions today thanks to modern lighting and audio technology. You can use such technology to make your space seem bigger or transport guests to other places. For example, Splashtacular Entertainment created a tunnel and lit it to make guests feel they’re underwater.

Creative use of illusions can make your booth design ideas awe-inspiring. You can make a mirror labyrinth or use lightweight fabric as your structure. With enough planning and innovation, you can make the whole booth an optical illusion.

8. Be the Master at the Trade Show With an MC

Trade shows are a great way to build instant authority and influence guests. Yet, a trade show booth can lose its initial wonder after the guests see the other booths. A solution to keep them interested and drawn to your booth is to hire an emcee.

An emcee can keep guests entertained even on their second or third visit to your booth. Their high charisma can draw crowds and encourage positivity while promoting your brand. This type of engagement is one of the best ways to make tradeshow guests remember your brand.

9. Exploit the High Ceilings

Don’t get limited by what you can do in the space that you have. A lot of convention centers have high ceilings for this reason. Instead of building forward, start building your booth upward. 

It’s a huge opportunity to create a space that will catch the guests’ attention and let you rise above the rest. The best approach is to go with lightweight materials and to hang them from the ceiling. If you have a bigger budget, you can build a lightweight structure that can also be interactive. 

10. Design an Outdoorsy Booth Indoors

Trade shows can feel a little stifling to some people because it can feel like a lot is going on. Make your booth their sanctuary. Bring in some fixtures and elements that create a space that creates an outdoor feel.

Plants combined with water features are always calming. Use warm lighting to imitate the sunlight. Keep the booth peaceful and quiet in the middle of the busy expo floor. Your guests will appreciate it or even love it for its calmness and peace.

Make Your Booth Unique

That ends our list of top ten booth design ideas for new businesses. Don’t hesitate to start putting these ideas into action and get your trade show booth looking more attractive!

Of course, you shouldn’t handle these on your own! We’re here to help you get the most out of the experience and to make your booth look its best. Talk to us and let us know how it goes for you.

Gene Friedman
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