The yearly spending on trade show display in the US is around $24 billion.

Trade shows always have a lot of booths displaying various products, so how can you make your stand out? Coming up with business expo booth ideas can be tricky, so we have made a list of 10 of the best to help you stand out.

For a rundown of 10 of the most effective expo booth ideas, keep reading.

1. Interactivity

If you want your trade show booth to be effective one of the best things you can do is increase engagement. Give people more than something to look at or listen to. They will be more interested if there is some way they can interact with your booth.

There are several interactive trade show booth ideas you could implement:

  • A game show style interaction with challenges and prizes
  • A lounge area with a video game console
  • Touch screen games
  • VR headsets
  • DIY 3D printers

You just want to be sure that the interactive element lines up with the theme of your booth. You should also end these interactions with a CTA.

2. Plan Around the Event Agenda

There will always be other distractions at any expo recent. If you know there is going to be a major giveaway or a main speaking event, you shouldn’t make any significant plans that run at the same time as these.

When people are busy at other booths you can make use of the time by tidying your booth, backing up captured data, wiping down electronics, etc.

Then you can run your major events at times when you are likely to have more traffic for maximum engagement.

3. Launch New Products

One of the main aspects of a trade show that brings people in is seeing new products before they are on the market. You should plan with this in mind.

If you have something your customers haven’t seen before they will have more interest in spending time at your booth. You can even implement innovative marketing strategies such as geofilters or costumed floor reps to highlight the importance of the event.

4. Visuals Are Key

There will always be a lot of other booths at event expos, so you want to make sure yours stands out. Even if you are confident in your products, if your booth doesn’t catch anyone’s eye, you will be missing out on traffic.

Make your booth look unique and memorable so that people spot it in a crowd and take an interest. Infinity exhibits have a lot of experience in coming up with unique booth design ideas.

5. Pick a Strategic Location

It is always a good idea to develop a relationship with other companies that share your audience. This way you can essentially help each other.

Set your booth up in a strategic spot so that the surrounding booths will attract people who also have an interest in your product.

Sometimes venues may not provide details about booth locations for other brands, but generally, companies will book the same spots each year. If you can find some pictures or information from the previous year you can probably get a good idea of where you should set up your booth.

6. Aromatherapy

This is a tactic that many won’t consider. Capitalizing on all of the senses of your customers can help.

If your product or brand is dedicated to making people’s lives easier you can use a calming scent such as jasmine or vanilla. For a more action-oriented theme, you could use mint or citrus, giving a more energized feel.

This will give a boost to your engagement while being simple and unobtrusive.

7. Include Seating

If you have the space giving your customers somewhere to relax is a great idea. People spend all day walking around at expos, so not only will they appreciate the chance to sit down, they will also stay people in your booth longer.

This gives them more time to look at what you’re offering, as well as interact with other people, creating discussions about your brand or product. You can choose from various layout options to help increase interactivity or make people more comfortable.

8. Host a Speaker

It is common for trade shows to have speakers, but there is usually no reason you can’t have one just for your booth. You could bring in an influencer whose audience would be interested in your brand, or find a special guest to do a book signing at your booth.

If you decide to do this you’ll want to make sure you submit details of the event to the main exhibition listing so that people will know that it’s happening.

9. Include Experimental Marketing

Creating immersive experiences for your customers is one of the best trade show ideas for a software company. You can have a system or display that allows people to create something using your new software, or provide a demo mode showing your product’s capabilities.

Interactive screens will get people’s attention, and allow them to do more than just look at your product.

10. Use the Space Above Your Booth

Making your booth unique can take more than just bright colors and interesting designs. There are several decorating ideas for vendor booths you could implement, but one that will really make you stand out is the use of a floating sign, inflatable character, or other props that sticks out above your booth.

Not everyone will make use of such space, so it can help you stand out from the other booths in your area. People can also use it as a location to meet friends, driving in extra traffic.

Implementing Business Expo Booth Ideas

Infinity Exhibits are experts in designing high-quality trade show exhibits from start to finish. We handle the design, fabrication, shipping, installation, and storage of your booth.

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