Exhibiting at a trade show can seem like an impossibly daunting experience, but it certainly doesn’t have to. If you want to put your best foot forward at your next event and truly shine during your next trade show, there are a few easy things that you should always keep in mind.

1. Keep Focused With a Strong Theme
Your theme doesn’t necessarily have to be elaborate or even expensive, though it does have to relate to the marketing message that you’re trying to get across. Your theme can be anything – it can directly tie into the product you sell or can even be based on where your company is located.

2. The Mixed Media Experience
To make the best impression, it’s always important to use both audio and video materials to your exhibit. Trade show attendees are naturally drawn to professional level video experiences. Your presentation should always be as engaging and as informative as possible.

3. Special Effects
This can be as simple as using a basic spotlight to allow your product to shine both literally and figuratively. Don’t over think it, but do try to add another level to the experience.

4. Your Behavior
One of the things that you and your people always want to be is warm and inviting. People will always be more likely to come to your booth if you’re giving out snacks, for example.

5. The Music Experience
Letting music act as the backdrop to your presentation is a great way to really get people’s attention. Just make sure that you’re not picking a track that is too bland or that is so powerful that it will overwhelm your sales pitch.

6. Smells
If you want to shine at your next trade show, smells are a great way to engage as many senses as possible. If your company sold coffee, for example, you might try to make your booth smell as much like your product as possible.

7. Freebies
People like free things – end of story. Free t-shirts with your company’s name and logo, promotional calendars and other items are a great way to make sure that you always stay in people’s minds.

8. Contests
Another terrific way to attract attention is to hold a raffle or giveaway at your booth. You could give people a chance to win the product that you’re selling, for example.

9. A Mascot
By far, one of the best ways to shine at a trade show is to have some type of mascot or other costumed character by your booth at all times. It will help you stand out in such a crowded environment.

10. Celebrities
Never underestimate the power of a celebrity. You don’t have to go after Tom Cruise to help you sell your product – a local celebrity, an athlete or even a somewhat famous model will do just fine.

Gene Friedman
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