Trade shows and expos are picking up, and your business wants to stand out among competitors. Now is the time to be thinking about expo booth ideas for 2021. It’s important more than ever to have the perfect display that attracts prospective clients. You also want to educate them on your product or service.

Whenever possible, invest in booth design ideas that can incorporate your logo design.

The money spent on your setup is an investment in your company to raise brand awareness. With the right display and salespeople, you’re sure to see an immediate return on investment. 

Are you considering registering your company for a trade show? Keep reading to learn more about 10 amazing expo booth ideas.

1. Expo Booth Ideas for Display Walls

When it comes to expo booth ideas think outside the box. It may seem as though your options are limited but there’s a lot you can do within the space allotted. Start with your display walls and booth set-up.

Companies with a large marketing budget are stepping up their booth designs by creating a personal experience. Set your company apart from the competition with hourly presentations, a separate sales area, and even a beverage lounge.

Since display walls are the equivalent of a billboard, use them for messaging. You can go with high walls, half-walls, or a mixture of both. 

Include images and try to stick with the brand color scheme when using borders and lettering.

2. Literature Displays

Don’t task your sales representatives with handing out literature. Incorporate literature displays that people can access on their own. 

Use multiple displays that can give attendees options. Tall displays get placed outside your booth. While short displays are located on tabletops. 

This way you catch people walking by and those stopping to talk to your team members.

3. Branded Items

Remember, most trade shows and expos are about brand awareness. Successful vendor booth ideas will incorporate your logo throughout the set-up. This includes the clothing worn by the team, table coverings, and promotional gifts.

People love giveaways and the better the offering the more people will stop by to see what your company is all about. 

Free handouts are inexpensive items that include pens, note pads, and tees. The next level requires visitors to earn the giveaway because they are limited and cost more. These are electronic gadgets, polo shirts, and other big items.

Create game boards, have them watch a short video, or some other creative idea in order to get the prize.

4. Kiosk

We are living in an era where people want information at their fingertips. Interactive trade show booth ideas should incorporate kiosks that allow visitors to learn about your product or service.

Utilize a digital signage display that gives information. Have short videos that display mini-commercials. Invest in interactive AI technology that allows users to ask questions.

For manned kiosks, provide handouts and promotional items that people can get for stopping by. 

5. Banners and Displays

Don’t forget your branded and informational banners and cardboard displays. Popular are feather banners.

These portable inexpensive display banners get placed on the floor, tabletops, or atop a booth structure. If you’re going big with your booth ideas, hang a banner on each corner of your booth. This will gain more visibility throughout the event space.

Visitors are intrigued and want to know who’s booth it’s and what’s being offered.

6. Interactive Games

Interactive trade show booth ideas can range as far as the imagination goes. Companies create carnival type games to engage attendees. In the digital era, those games take up less space and get displayed on digital monitors.

People have competitive spirits, so you’ll draw people to your booth on the entertainment value alone. When they see others laughing and having fun, they too will want to join the fun.

The games range from those already on the market to ones designed for your company.

7. Counters and Pedestals

To make a good impression, you might want to stray away from basic six-foot tables and use counters and pedestals instead. 

Counters place you face to face with the expo visitor and there’s no looking and bending down to complete forms. With pedestals, the expo booth is more relaxing. You can also have more space for additional salespeople.

Pedestals are also great if you want to create a lounge area where expo visitors can enjoy soft drinks and snacks while watching a company presentation. 

8. Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are still a part of expos and trade shows but in a different way. The typical six-foot table will always be a staple. The table coverings allow an opportunity for branding.  

In modern trade shows, companies expand their territory by having a booth on the expo floor, and a presentation room. People are more likely to engage if they have the chance to relax in comfortable upholstered chairs than metal backs.

Tables are more in line with coffee and end tables where promotional items are on display.

9. Lighting

Of course, the expo hall has lighting, but there’s something about the ambiance of color LED lighting. Custom booth designs allow a lighting fixture to set the mood of your creative booth ideas.

Choose from warm to bright daylight lighting. Or carry out your brand’s color scheme in your light displays.

10. Flooring

Don’t stand on cold dull concrete. As part of your expo booth ideas, consider installing wood flooring. Include your company logo on a custom made floor. 

You can also roll out the red carpet, to welcome visitors into your sales area. People notice the small details. Imagine being a company that sells boats and your booth floor is an ocean mural.

Standout Among the Competition

The difference between getting noticed and disappearing into the sea of vendors comes down to your expo booth ideas. The right setup could make all the difference in the world.

For your investment, you want to hire a company with years of experience in trade shows and expo booths. Click here for more information and to request a customized quote.  

Gene Friedman
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